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Hi all,

After upgrading to 2.0 I've experienced lag while typing in many areas (text, Safari, Contacts, etc.) - it takes a second or two for the screen to display what I've entered. At this point, I'm able to type a few words before it decides to diplay. In addition, scrolling through the phone is a chore as it freezes when selecting Contacts, Recents and so on.

To make things more interesting, there are times when I am unable to scroll to the bottom of existing text messages - when selecting the text, it will not be at the bottom. Rather, it will be 4-5 texts up - it is possible to scroll to the bottom; however, it will not stay there. To text, I must enter the text area then press the Home button a couple of times - this seems to happen when there are unread texts available.

Turning iPhone off and on has not helped, seems like a restore is the next option though any suggestions are always welcome.



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    Delete photos movies or songs this helped me and turn your phone off and let it rest for an half hour.
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    It has about 2 gigs worth of music and photos on the 8 gig model. This problem arose after installing the update - up until that point, it had crashed a few times.
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    LOL. Doing that does nothing at all. I hope no one is taking your advice seriously. Wait for Apple to update 2.0 and fix the bugs thats causing the 3G and 1gen iPhone to run like molasses. It's 2.0 causing this.
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    Yeah, I figured as much.. just wondering if there was anything that could be done as it's a real pita while trying to make something as simple as a phone call.

    Any idea when the next update is set to be released?
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    The one fix that I used and other people have as well was to do a restore which wipes the iphone clean and starts fresh with 2.0 and that seemed to work wonders at least for most people.
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    Hate to say it, but I have the same problem and then some. The restore did nothing to remove the problems or improve the situation.
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    I upgraded my ipod to 2.1 firmware and the lag when i press the desired keys still exists in texting. someone please help! its really frustrating.
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    I am having the same issues with texting on my 1st gen iphone, the lag is horribly annoying. Also my safari when opened can't find any servers (takes way to long for that message to appear), ends up sometimes crashing.. then randomly throughout the day I'll try to open it and safari will work perfectly. Interesting note.. Safari works only with wifi signals and not at all on edge.

    I have a couple of apps that keep crashing, but they are not affecting any of the other apps directly, I've just deleted them off the phone and will leave them in itunes until there's an update for them. I say that because I've read on other posts that some people are having issues with one or two apps taking down all their other one's.

    So far I have not been able to find any hope that this 2.0.1 update helped anything, my phone seemed to work better on 2.0. I really hope the problems that are occurring on my phone are only software glitches and not related to hardware problems. Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? Safari mostly in combination with touch screen lag??

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    I have this same problem and it drives me absolutely INSANE!!! It wasn't apparent before 2.0 and multiple restores have done nothing to correct it. Apple needs to get on the ball.... So far the iPhone has, in general, been a huge disappointment and I purchased Day One. Of all the Apple products I have owned in the last 9 years, I must say that Logic (all versions) and the iPhone are the only ones I would consider crap. I use Ableton Live because it's way better software for producing electronic music than Logic but there is no better option concerning the iPhone. If Apple would offer Logic as a plugin package or simply allow it to be ReWired as a slave application I would go back to using it. ****, I'm Apple Certified in Logic and I won't use it anymore!!! I seem to have gotten off topic.... Apple please fix the iPhone (and Logic while you're at it).

    P.S. I will not be surprised if my post gets deleted as Apple is rather touchy about technically-minded people giving poor reviews of their products. They should focus instead on making sure their products perform at the top than hushing the opinions of their pro users. Just my .02!!!
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    Dude, this is a well documented problem. We are all waiting for the software release that will fix it. The latest upgrade was supposed to show improvement, but largely it does not. Still bad in SMS (and in Contacts, but not as bad in Contacts as it once was). This thread was originally 3G but it extends to both First Gen and 3G iPhones.