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Hi all,

After upgrading to 2.0 I've experienced lag while typing in many areas (text, Safari, Contacts, etc.) - it takes a second or two for the screen to display what I've entered. At this point, I'm able to type a few words before it decides to diplay. In addition, scrolling through the phone is a chore as it freezes when selecting Contacts, Recents and so on.

To make things more interesting, there are times when I am unable to scroll to the bottom of existing text messages - when selecting the text, it will not be at the bottom. Rather, it will be 4-5 texts up - it is possible to scroll to the bottom; however, it will not stay there. To text, I must enter the text area then press the Home button a couple of times - this seems to happen when there are unread texts available.

Turning iPhone off and on has not helped, seems like a restore is the next option though any suggestions are always welcome.



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