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Today I had to exchange my iPhone 3G for the second time. That isn't a gripe, I'm thrilled Apple has been so responsive and flexible in working with me. (The issue had to do with a short in the headphone jack that would cause the unit to begin to play music when headphones were plugged in and sometimes unplugged, even on a locked/sleeping phone. Apple swapped them out no problem. I love these guys!)

I'm on my third phone. However, every time I plug in my phone, in iTunes, I get the "Welcome to your new iPhone" window with the "Continue" button. When I click it, it takes me to the normal iTunes window looking at the settings for my phone. But the thing is, it does this every time I plug in phone.

Any ideas? Some kind of cache or pref to clear/reset?

Another odd thing. The Genius said that the OS on the phone he was giving me was a newer build than on the phone I had turned in. But when I look at the build number and the build number of the one you can download they are the same. Was there a different build preinstalled on some 3Gs than on others or what was downloaded via iTunes for a restore?

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