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i've been having a lot of problems backing up with my time machine. i keep getting errors messages on how some files failed to transfer for back up. i've done some research, reset my time capsule, it worked and then stopped working again when i began getting the error messages. i read that someone had resorted to formatting their time capsule, and i just want to make sure that i am doing it correctly:

i go to disk utility, choose erase, volume format is mac os extended (journaled) and then put in the name of my time capsule and erase?

please confirm. thanks!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • Paul Don Level 2 (275 points)
    Hello, yes that's all you need to do to format/erase the disk. I read (although I can't remember where) that it can take a while to complete an erase so bear with it.
  • Smokerz Level 6 (9,485 points)
    "i go to disk utility' you use the formatter found using Airport Utility under DISKS tab.
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    Thanks for the responses. I ended up formatting/erasing last night using disk utility. had to do it a few times as I kept putting in the wrong name for the file. It actually didn't take long at all. No more than 5 minutes. the initial back up went okay. i will test tonight to see if it still works okay while working on the computer since that was the issue I encountered after my last reset of time capsule...

    as for reformatting using airport utility. i wish i could do that. I saw a screen of what it should look like but I don't have any of those buttons on the top of my airport utility screen. I thought maybe i didn't have the newest version of airport utility so I checked and there were no updates available...any suggestions on why I don't have those button options at the top of my airport utility screen? Thanks again for all your help
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    ah nevermind. i figured out how. had to go into manual setup