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When viewing albums in Coverflow the album art is all correct. However whenever I flip the phone around some random album art is shown in place of the correct one.

Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas? I am working on re-syncing my music (which takes forever by the way) to see if that fixes it.

Powermac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Most likely it has to be fixed on the iTunes end, not the iPhone end.

    In iTunes, make sure the correct cover art is applied to every song in an album, for example, but going to the Info link for each one and checking it there - make sure the box next to the artwork is checked.

    This is a big problem on things like Cast Albums, for example, or movie soundtracks, where iTunes defaults to assuming every song is its own album because it has a different artist per track. That can wreck havoc with downloaded artwork. In each instance, select all the songs that fit together or you want to apply artwork to, from the menu go to the File>Get Info command, and fix your settings there. Make sure the "Compilation album" indicates YES and has a checkmark next to it, and that your artwork is correct. You might need to re-import the artwork from amazon or google search.
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    Ok, I appreciate the attempt at a response but you obviously did not read the post correctly. What you were discussing is not the issue at all. ALL of the correct album art is there in both iTunes and on the iPhone when you view the albums in the landscape coverflow mode. What is a problem is that when you view the phone in portrait format and the sigular album art comes up it is 'mixed up'. Meaning that going from landscape to portrait changes the album art. The song is not affect nor is the song name and info. Just the album art. This is VERY clearly a bug in tyhe iPhone software not an iTunes issue.

    This all being said...I believe I may have found a simple cure for this. I removed all of my music from the phone and resynced it using the new iTunes 7.7.1 and so far I have not had a problem. Hope that continues.
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    Sorry, can't answer your question.

    What I can say is your not alone. I have the same exact problem with my 2G iPhone, and have already used your solution in the past. I just removed all the music from syncing, then sync it all over again. That is not permanent though, it keeps reoccurring for me, but at least its a temp fix.
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    Ron is correct. It is coming from the iTunes side and not just the iPhone.

    I had this issue earlier this year, mostly with older albums that I had uploaded from CDs. I fixed it by deleting the old artwork File>Get Info>Artwork. Then downloading new artwork by using the Advanced>Get Album Artwork drop down menu. This still did not solve it for all of them, and I got so annoyed that I ended up purchasing the albums from iTunes just to eliminate the hassle. It seems likely that if you own the CD that you are having problems with the artwork that you could use an image file from the web (look, I'm not a lawyer so I don't know exactly how the intellectual copyright laws apply here), but it does seem logical. Ron's comment about Complilation Albums is spot on as well. I've got over 50GBs of music in my collection, so it did take some time, but all is well with the world now. I guess if these were all vinyl that my house would look something like John Cusack's place in High Fidelity.
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    Although this discussion is a bit old I think it's still worth answering it as google points to this page.

    The only reason for the above to happen (Different cover art appearing in horizontal and vertical) I can think of is that Iphone Cover Flow is an Album Art only.
    iPhone and iTunes has at least two modes to display your music in that is:
    * Song mode - where tune's art is pulled from the file if any exists.
    * Album mode - where album art is shared by multiple tunes with the same "ALBUM NAME".

    So if many of the songs has no ALBUM NAME at all or share something like Unknown etc. It's is likely that in Cover Flow Mode (Which is Album View) those will have some strange things displayed.

    On the other hand I currently have slightly different problem hence my search. My Art is mixed up especially among the podcasts. Totally... I'll try full resync.

    BTW. If you got the Art in one way or another but after uploading the tunes to iPhone you don't see it it's likely that you downloaded Art only for one of them and iTunes is showing that one for all that share the album name. If you get the art from iTunes Store then Highlight all tunes that should contain the art and right-click>Get Album Artwork, otherwise Get Info and double-click on the Artwork field on the right-hand side.