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Hey guys, I'm new here. Hope everybody's well and hopefully somebody can help me!

I've recently bought a domain name and have created a couple of email addresses. I set them up through Mail and they were fine for the last couple days, until now..

I keep getting asked to verify my mail server certificate? I've already clicked "always trust" a fair few times, it prompts me to enter my administrator password and then seems to work. Only recently it's been asking me for this password twice.. as in, I'll enter it, and then it will ask for it agian INSTANTLY, as though I'd entered it wrong or something.

Here's a screenshot of my problem:


It's becoming very frustrating, and everytime I quit Mail and relaunch it asks me to verify the certificate again.

Is this a Leopard problem? Or something to do with my hosts?

Any help is really appreciated.



Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5)