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I recently bought a time capsule, which works great with my MacBook Pro. I have a Gateway desktop with a Linksys wireless card in it that won't recognize the time capsule neither through the airport utility nor the windows interface. I've followed all the steps given with the product installation and no luck. I feel that it's not a hardware issue since I am able to connect to the time capsule via my Ubuntu installation on the same box.

Whenever I enter the airport utility, I don't see any devices and the only option I get is to rescan. Any ideas?

15" Macbook Pro, 2.2gHz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Also running Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows XP Media Center Edition on a Gateway GT5012 Desktop (2.8 gHz Pentium D, 1GB RAM, 250 HDD), Time Capsule, and AE