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    apple obviously is trying to avoid this situation, well at least until they figure out what to do about it. but apple's hiding isn't going to fix anything, so as long as these threads keep mysteriously disappearing all we can do is keep putting them back up. my iphone 3g (white) also has these small cracks as if the camera was bigger than the whole cut for it. mt friend also has a black one, we put it in some light under a hand lens and it has the same thing. but it seems highly unlikely that apple will allow everybody to turn their phones in seeming that so many people have this problem. they're obviously scared to loose money from this problem
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    Apple is deleting posts about cracked iPhones. I think I will give it a miss. Here in Spain, Movistar who have the exclusive are basically using the device to do all sorts of **** that they would not get away with otherwise. I was originally really enthusiastic about the device but am now totally turned off it with how Apple and Movistar have behaved.
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    runkelb wrote:
    I have taken my iPhone 3G into the apple store and was turned down.

    Can you return it for another reason? Dead pixels? Dust under the screen? Silent switch falling off? Light leakage? Home button intermittent?
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    16gb black iphone, have had it for a week, have one of those sturdy jam jacket rubber cases and even have the plastic screen protector, haven't dropped it or even bumped it once. Have quite a visible crack extending about half a centimetre from my earplug socket down the towards the apple logo on the back, and several smaller cracks surrounding the socket. and also a very large crack between the on button on the top and the metal frame.
    apple had better do something about it... been saving for a while to get this phone and very disappointed. Tried ringing apple and all I got was a response telling me to go to Optus, went to Optus, told me to go back to apple, went back to apple told me I'd lose my phone for two weeks while they checked it and even then couldn't promise me they'd replace it, said they'd probably repair it.
    I live in Australia, we didn't have the old iPhone here so an apple phone is relatively new here, and there are still a lot of ppl who haven't seen them. when they saw mine, and asked whether I recommend it to them, I have been and will continue to tell them a very definitive no... that is until this problem is rectified.
    have been a big mac fan for years, but am very rapidly losing interest (and making sure my friends continue to lose interest too)
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    I just see a lot of whining. So what you have cracks, who cares. Apple will rectify it soon, have some patience. My iPhone is beat up: just use it. By the way, cracks happened in their original iMacs too, and I think they are using some similar plastic in this phone as they did in the iMac. This is really an easy fix because the back can be popped off and a new back put on easily.
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    Lol the back cannot be popped of and replaced easily. All of the electronics besides the screen are connected to the back part.
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    Ryan, cracks mean breakage, which means eventuall the back will fall of the phone, just like hte macbooks.
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    I also have hairline crack in my white 16 gig phone. Just under an inch long so far right in the middle of the body on the back. Does anyone know if this might lead to a "real" problem like allowing humidity in to do some damage to the electronics? I'm considering sealing it with clear nail polish.
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    don't seal it with anything as it is likely to void the warranty. take it back.
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    hmmmm....why do the large threads about the cracks in the backing keep getting removed?
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    ORIGINAL POST: 8/3/08. 6PM.
    I am now on my 3rd iPhone 3G. I went into the Apple Store on Stockton St in downtown SF and was asked the EXACT same questions as 'element619' was asked. The genius who assisted me was playing dumb and said he had only briefly heard about the plastic housing cracking, yet asked the EXACT same questions, in the exact order. He gave me a new iPhone 3G on the spot. A friend was with me who was visiting from Chicago and he also had the same issues... white 16gig iPhone 3G, same questions were asked of him, in the same order. We both walked out with new phones. This tells us that Apple IS aware of the problem, the Genius's obviously are under instruction on what to do if someone complains about this issue, and Apple is trying to keep the noise about this to a bare minimum (deleting the original threads of this topic)...else there would NOT have been a line with over 100 people in it outside that store yesterday with people there to buy the iPhone 3G.

    This issue is NOT just happening to the white model, its also the black... for those of you with the black model, you just can't see the cracks as well.

    Good luck to those of you with cracks, I hope that your Apple Stores are as nice as ours is here in SF.



    2ND POST: 8/5/08. 7PM.
    Here's an update folks... the new iPhone 3G I was given as a replacement on Sunday, August 3rd to my original phone that had developed cracks in the casing has now itself started to crack... yes, that's right, I found a crack near the volumn rocker switch today. I took it back to the original genius at the SF store and he pulled out another new one, it already had cracks right out of the box, he pulled out a 2nd, and a 3rd... both had cracks in different places... it wasn't until he pulled a 4th out that we found one with NO cracks. Now I'm home, its all set up and we'll see after the next couple days if this one develops cracks. This is a major major issue that I don't think too many people are aware about, simply because most of those still standing in lines to get the 3G iPhone don't watch or the discussions on here. Spread the word folks or nothing will be done about this.
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    if i can't make it to an apple store and just call in my complaint, will they still send me a new phone? I'm interested in getting mine replaced...i just can't be without a phone for 2 weeks while they're taking their sweet old time getting a new one sent my direction. i'm not going to waste my time or anybody elses time with a phone call unless i know for a fact that i will receive a new phone before i send my old one in.
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    You should call Apple Support and find out. Best bet though would be to go directly to an Apple Store when you are near one.
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    alright, thanks!
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    16 GB black just found crack @ headphone port...