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    I took it to the genius bar last night - they claimed the cracks were a non warranty issue, and if I required replacement it would be at a cost. They did not suggest any type of do it yourself methods at all. Totally by coincidence I have a phone with a speck of dust under the glass screen. It's been there since day one and never really bothered me, but when the genius saw it he said THAT was a manufacturing defect and then ordered me a new phone on the spot. So the crack that I was concerned about they did not address, but because of dust, I should have a new phone by the weekend.......
  • Shaun Rosenberg Level 4 Level 4 (1,335 points)
    Yes, they just swapped mine out for a new one, and asked the same questions...They are definitely doing the right thing, so if you are unhappy at least find comfort that they are replacing them.

    The only issue was the cracks..
  • Marcus Ray Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    white iphone. No cracks last week, now it has cracks around the ringer switch. Bought on day one, never dropped.

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    Today, I have noticed tiny hairline fractures on the lower-left corner of my white iphone. I was hoping it was isolated and not a widespread problem, but now I feel it is a common occurance. I wonder if it is happening more frequently on the black iphones, but more undetectable than on the white one. New iphone buyers beware!!!
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    I found a crack in mine around the head-phone jack and returned it, well also I returned it for many other reasons (3G, Transition lags, phone freezing, & touch-screen keyboard is a pain in long emails for me).

    But when I studied the crack I realized that the molding plastic around the head-phone jack is concave vs. flat with the rest of the phone, causing that part to be thin = more chances of cracking. But that's just my theory.
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    i had my iphone for less than 2 weeks and now it has two small cracks near the headphone jack. there's not a single scratch on my phone and i have 2 cracks. i called apple and they said its not under warranty but i have booked an appointment with them to sort this out. they better give me a new phone because this is ridiculous.
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    Was going to buy one before I did research and found this thread and the engadget pics.
    Yikes. Don't need the hassle.

    I wonder if there are any NOT prone to cracking?

    Maybe there are variations in the ingredient/elements when creating this 'plastic' causing stronger and weaker cases?

    {{{{{{{ Can anyone report having one for a period of time that is NOT cracking??? }}}}}}}}


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    Yes, I personally know of a few whose phones have not cracked yet.

    I've had mine since July 11, only a tiny crack from the headphone jack to the chrome bezel. Haven't requested a replacement, and don't plan to, unless the back begins to crack all over. So far so good.
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    Thanks Scottie,


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    Had mine since July 12 (White 16GB) and no cracks.
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    oops, I guess thats a 'polling question'.

    Kind of a silly a rule no? When related to trying to discover if an issue is widespread or isolated, it's one of the first due diligent bits of trial and error research one does.
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    The problem with the cracking is there is no way to tell if it is going to happen in the future...The cracksseem to develop from normal use and not abuse...But normal use is different for each user, so some cracks may develop quickly while another users may take months...Many of the cracks are in the same areas on everyones phones(ie. headphones, volume, camera).

    In addition to this are many other factors which I stated prior(build quality, climate, cases, etc...)

    So as of now there is no way to tell the future, and some have not developed cracks, but to me this is not a reassurance they won't in the future...

    The good news is apple is replacing them as they should, because the cracks are happening with normal, usually careful use, not from abuse... They were not designed to have such a lack of durability...

    The problem I see with keeping one that has developed cracks, is that over time, it may become more scratched(the plastic gets scratched even with the most careful handling) which could cause a genius to claim it is the user's fault...

    Also people have claimed apple is not repairing units with a moisture detector that has been triggered...(without real water damage/exposure) and cracks could let moisture and other contaminants in...(i.e dust under screen)

    It would be nice to have some kind of statement and assurance from apple, which may happen once they sort out the manufacturing troubleshooting and/or design issue and implement a solution...

    But they are working hard on many solutions as this launch has not gone well(iphone software, 3g, mobile me, qc hardware, etc.) Problems are many and they seem to be spread thin trying to deal with all of these issues.

    While I have never had more problems with any other product, I also can say this product is one of the best I have used. I just hope apple sorts all this out and continues to treat its customers well even after the warranties expire and these issues start popping up...which I fear will not happen...(ex: recall batteries started to fail at 170 cycles for many users at the exact same time
    and people were stuck buying new batteries out of warranty...)

    They just need a better QC team at has been getting worse over the years and not enough has been done about it...they need to clean house...
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    Ive spent three weeks on the phone with apples management team, the ones above apple support, apple does know about the cracks. They just havent figured out a way to fix it yet. If you call apple support they'll set you up with a new iphone. They know the phones have been cracking, because even the replacement they sent me was cracked, right by the headphone jack. The apple stores alot of the time are ran by meatheads, so if your having problems with the phone call apple not the dumb people at the store you purchased it from. Most of them cant afford the iphone themselves, and do not care if you get yours fixed or not. If you call apple direct, they will try to make things right for you. By the way, I had the same problem at the store, with them telling me it was just scratched, since then apple has sent me three different phones, all with cracks, but at least they didnt bat an eye about sending another one out to me.
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    call apple support, demand to speak to customer service, they know about the cracking issue. Apple cannot force the store to give you a new phone. For some dumb reason, the stores can basically do whatever they want. If you get ahold of them at apple support they will send you out a new phone, without you being without your phone for even a hour. The people at the store and your phone company do not care if you get that phone fixed or not. I have personally had apple replace my phone 7 times, for cracked backs, buttons not lining up, and the back not lining up around the bezel.STOP dealing with the stores and call apple direct.
  • 1234dan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Why do you people insist on taking it back to the apple store? The apple genius's have got to be some of the biggest meatheads I have ever met. None of them could afford the first iphone or this new one, and do not care if yours gets fixed or not,they've had so many problems with connection issues and everything else, they dont want to admit to having another problem with the phone. I've already talked to apple support they know they are having a problem with cracking issues. They just havent figured out how to fix it. If you call apple direct they will replace your phone. Apple stores are not apart of apple support. And they do not care about you. The only thing they are concerned about it selling my phones. Once again CALL APPLE SUPPORT!!!!!!