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I just got my iphone 3G, I've been trying to figure out why the album art in iphone won't show up properly. It won't display album art at first, I had to delete my entire library and set it up again, but then it's either missing album art or dsiplaying wrong album art. This worked for my ipod nano. I've looked at my music tab when iphone is attached, and i don't see any display album art options. I can see the album art when I view cover flow in itune, I added those album arts on my own. Is there any other way to get it to show properly?


PC, Windows Vista
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    Album Art shows up in your iTunes library but not on your iPhone. Correct?
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    Well, I have added the artwork of my albums manually, and their sync and appear alright in my iPhone 3G without problems. And this is because in Mexico is not available all the capabilities of the iTunes Store like in the rest of the authorized countries, only the App Store for the iPhone is authorized.

    Say, in your iTunes appears the album artwork correctly, right?
    Should appear well... Do you have iTunes 7.7.1? Tried to restore your iPhone? Or erasing iTunes from barebones (program, preferences) and reinstalling it?
    Maybe restoring permissions too of your computer...
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    Yes, the album art displays in itune.

    How do I set up (release?) permission if I never set it up?
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    I think i got it working, I restored my iphone to factory settings.
    I managed to de-authorize itune, i'm not sure which one is correct, but it seemed to work, let's hope same thing doesn't happen again.

    thanks again
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    That's great, pall!
    Great to know that it is working right by now.
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    here are some things to make sure are correct to ensure you album art appears on
    Iphone 3g

    1- make sure your album is numbered correctly in the right order..
    select 1st song only
    -click file
    -click get info
    -click info
    -change album number field to 1
    and than go to next or previous to correct next song to 2 and so on.
    it will also work if you dont have any songs numbered at all.

    2-make sure your artist and album title are all named the same-
    select all the songs and
    click file
    -click get info
    -click info
    and type in desired artist and album this
    will correct every song in the album all at once.

    3-adding art work:
    now on your song list just click on song #1 only
    click file
    -click get info
    -click artwork
    -click add
    -find your desired artwork
    and click o.k
    if everything is correct you should be able to see your album art on your Iphone 3g.
    note:this is just from trial and error
    im sure there are plenty of other ways of doing it as ive seen some good examples here..this is just what worked for me.

    4-make you have no duplicate songs
    click file -click show duplicates - and erase any duplicates.