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I tried upgrading my iphone to the software 2 free offer on itunes. NOT only did it not work .... itunes erased my iphone's operating system. My iphone is totally useless. I can't use my iphone at all, not even the cellphone. What itunes now tells me is that my simcard is not supported and my iphone cannot be activated? It was already activated ...... screen is blank .... it worked fine before I tried to install this free software.
I have an unlocked iphone, bought several months ago. The model just before the G3 .... however this doesn't give anyone the right to erase my iphone's operating system under the guise of upgrading my iphone's software program.
Does anyone know what itunes/apple did to my iphone to rendered it useless and how I can correct it?

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    You've updated (or tried to update) an unlocked phone - that's it. You'll need to get support from whoever unlocked it or provided the software for unlocking.
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    I believe its clearly stated before upgrading / updating that if you have an unlocked or modified iPhone it could possibly get bricked. Its not Apples fault that you or someone played around with the original file system.
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    Actually, since Apple did not sell the phone as unlocked in the US, they have the right to relock your phone in an update. You can do a restore and then reactivate it with an ATT account.
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    I appreciate the reply ... however, went back to itunes to check for the
    'WARNING' THAT if the iphone was UNLOCKED that itunes would erased the
    iphones operating system. There was no such warning, at least I didn't
    see it.
    I'm sure if it was "visible" people would NOT attempt to use itunes's upgraded software 2.
    SO YES, it is apple's/itunes fault for being manipulative and underhanded towards iphone owners that have unlocked iphones. In Europe a lot of
    people have unlocked phones .... is apple also playing around with their
    operating systems or are they discriminating against Canadians only?

    And hey apple ... we also/have used (PLS NOTE COULD BE PAST TENSE) your other products, such as, computers, laptops and software programs (actually just bought 2 more apple computers & the updated software)... we've spent a lot of money on your products over many years ... so you are messing around with loyal clients that have supported and bought your company products for many years.
    The price of the Iphone is peanuts compared to what we pay/have paid for apples other products. Just be aware apple .... there's lots of competition out
    there for both your computers and iphones???? Thanks a lot.
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    Update to 2.0 changes the baseband of the phone. Even if you downgrade you will be locked again.
    If you have legitimately bought the phone unlocked in some other country you can try to revert to the original configuration but that is considered a hack and you will need to downgrade iTunes and follow procedures outside apple support
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    Your phone is likely still functioning properly. You have brought it back to a locked state by installing the new software. You have a couple of choices..... you can downgrade the software back to 1.1.4 and unlock again, or you can activate the phone on AT&T network.
    If you chose to unlock it again, you should google search, there is plenty of info out there.

    Good luck