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Hey everyone,

I'm setting up a couple laptop labs for a school with Leopard and have run into a couple minor issues.

I created a standard user and configured this user as I would like future user profiles to be like. I then copied the Library and Documents folders of the user into the default user template (/System/Library/User Templates/English.lproj/). Everything worked as expected, except for the following...

1) When a user logs in (Active Directory), their dock contains the Documents and Downloads stacks along with Time Machine. I do not want them! I had removed all three from the user I used as a template, but for some reason they seem to still appear with new users. What I would like is a 100% empty dock (minus the Finder and Trash of course). The dock will be populated via Workgroup Manager.

2) Mounted network shares do not show up via the Finder's sidebar. This makes it a little confusing for users to save to folders on these shares as they have to navigate to them a bit differently than they do in Tiger. I had drug all the shares I wanted onto the side bar, but it seems this does not stick once you log out.

3) The Time Machine icon appears in the menu bar. I had gone into System Preferences under the user I used as a template and unchecked "Show Time Machine status in the menu bar" but this does not seem to apply with new users.

They're all relatively minor issues, but if anybody has any suggestions I'd love to see if I can fix them!

Here is a little background on how the machines are set up: The machines are all managed via Workgroup Manager. The Open Directory server is running 10.4.11, but I seem to be able to control the Leopard specific settings by using the Leopard version of the Server Admin tools without any problems. All our users come from Active Directory. If you need any more info, let me know!

Thanks in advance!

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    you can do drag things you don't need off the sidebar. To remove things from shared go to finder preferences->sidebar and uncheck all boxes in shared section.

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    I had accidentally clicked "submit" before I was done typing my entire post. You happened to find my post AND reply to it before I could finish my edit. Sorry about that! lol
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    yes, i see I replied way before you were finished with this. as you are dealing with a server you might be better off posting in the [OS X server|http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=96] forum.

    I don't understand why your modified dock doesn't stick. i actually have done exactly what you describe in the past with the user template folder and the modified dock was displayed correctly. all you really need for the dock is one file:


    when I copy this file for my current user to the template directory, all new users have the same dock as I do now. same with the sidebar. the file there is

    I don't think there is a way to keep connected servers in the sidebar once you disconnect. You could create aliases to them while connected and stick aliases in the sidebar.
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    Through some further research, it seems that the stacks and time machine icons appear in the dock of AD users only. When I create new local users, their dock is populated exactly how I want it. I remember having this problem in 10.4 (except it was only with the Safari icon) and the way I fixed it was by editing a file inside the Dock.app, but I can't find nor remember what I did!

    As far as network mounts not showing in the sidebar, this affects both local and AD users. I'm sure I can train users to browse to the shares via connected servers, but it would be nice to have them stick in the sidebar.
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    Looks like I solved my problem!

    It turns out that it wasn't a client side configuration issue at all. I tested the situation using four different accounts. When logging in as myself, I got the results I wanted. When logging in as a teacher, I got the results I wanted, when logging in as a user who was not in an open directory group at all, I got the results I wanted. When I logged in as a student, I got the Time Machine, Downloads, and Documents stacks which I did NOT want.

    The OD group the students were in wasn't crazily configured. All I had set was that the user was not able to create a mobile account, and that a share mounted when they logged in. So, for the heck of it, I deleted the group and re-created it (configuring it the same as before). Problem solved! Why the problem was there, I don't know. However, it's gone now!

    Thanks everyone.
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    Solved per my own findings.