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About six months ago, I purchased an album from itunes and synched my ipod up with it. I haven't listened to it in some time but when I went to do so on my ipod recently, the album was no longer there.

Lo and behold, it doesn't show up in my itunes library on my PC (windows) or as a folder in my my music/itunes directory along with all the other music on my ipod.

It does still show up under "purchased" in the Itunes store section of itunes. The songs are playable there but I can't drag them to my library or otherwise get them on my PC so that I can synch up with my ipod. My other purchases are all in the library.

What could have happened and how do you think I can correct this?


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    OK, it gets stranger. I found the files for the album under the "Compilations" folder in my itunes directory. I dragged and dropped into itunes, which seemed to be importing or processing the music in some fashion.

    After synching, I still didn't see the artist in the artist list. However, the album is listed under albums or compilations on my ipod. It seems that the artist's name is simply missing from the artist list. I have no idea how to correct this and synching doesn't seem to do anything. I checked under Get Info in iTunes and the artist is correctly identified.
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    I don't much like that Compliations folder, either.

    If iTunes is organizing your files, select all the songs on that album, irght click and get info on all the tracks.

    change the Album Artist to the artist's name, and untick the "Part of a COmpilation" checkbox.

    Here is an article with more info on that:
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    Yeah, and you have to go through your list ONE BY ONE and check off that box. I didn't ASK itunes to put these songs in a compilations folder. Thanks a lot of screwing up my perfectly fine library and wasting my time fixing it.
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    Actually you CAN do a whole bunch of tracks at once.

    They moved it in itunes 8, though - you have to go to the "Options" tab for the compilation box.