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Last night I plugged my iPhone in via its USB cable and the AC adapter and nothing happened... I tried my iPod's cable and AC adapter and it started charging, but when I got up this morning, the battery was still about 25% and not charging. I don't know when it stopped working.
I tried the iPhone dock with the iPhone's cables and AC adapter, the dock with all the USBs on my computer, the USBs without the dock, and nothing. When I plug it in to the computer, a notification pops up that a USB device is found, and then one a few seconds later saying something has malfunctioned with the USB device and that windows does not recognize it. iTunes never opens.
I've restarted the phone and reset it. I have not updated to 2.0.
The phone plays through the inMotion speakers I have (connected via the dock and the "line out" cable), so I think the connector on the phone itself is ok since it's sending music through.... is the cable bad? I'm a little nervous since my battery is so low and I have no way of charging it. There isn't an Apple store anywhere around me so going there is out.
Please help

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    Had the same problem with my 2G. I fell asleep and left it playing the ipod all night, the next morning my phone was completly dead. That day I charged it for 10 hours, the battery indacator only showed 10%. I thought the battery was a goner. So I turned it off for 2 to 3 hours and when I turned it back on the battery was fully charged. Dont know if this helps you are not but you can try it.

    Now I have a question. How can I uninstall an APP?