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corydoras Level 1 (15 points)
I was working on a web site today, and all the dates get converted into a link which allows you to make a phone call to that date? What the?!

You can see screenshot here: http://dongyage.wordpress.com/2008/08/02/iphone-safari-phone-link-bug/

Windows Vista
  • Daiya Level 4 (1,655 points)
    Well, it's a feature that Safari/SMS/email on the phone converts phone numbers into tappable links to make a call. I'd assume, to be as useful as possible, that the feature is coded to find a string of digits and to ignore punctuation and spaces, since various countries use () - , . + etc.

    Myself, I'd rather have the feature turn too many things into phone numbers than miss converting a number I wanted to use because it was written in some idiosyncratic format.

    But for whatever reason, your string of 10 digits in a row got understood by the feature as a phone number. Tell Apple:

    You might consider changing your date format anyhow--1/2/2008 means something different in the US and the UK, for instance.
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    I understand that some people might want aggressive phone number highlighting, but I am just surprised such a common date format (for Australia anyway) does not display correctly. This is the format used for a large number of web sites.
  • corydoras Level 1 (15 points)
    The answer is, there is no answer. Australian dates are simply recognised as phone numbers