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I've read a few vague threads (now a couple years old) saying that it was possible to set up an Apple TV without using a wireless router as long as you have an Airport card and the correct settings in a wireless network that you create. I am working with a PowerMac G5 dual 2.7Ghz, 8GB RAM, and I do have an airport card installed. I am running leopard and have downloaded all recent software updates.

The Apple TV is plugged in but does not see a wireless network and ITunes cannot see the Apple TV. Is it possible to do this without a wireless router? if so, how?


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    Have you actually set up a network from your G5. If your wifi card is active you should have a wifi icon in your menu bar on the RHS, you need to create a network from there.
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    I thought I had, but I must be missing something.

    This is what I did.

    1. opened System Preferences, opened Network, selected Airport (note: which says No IP Address)
    2. Dropped down Network Name, created a new network, named it, left channel on Automatic
    and created a password for it.
    3. went to Sharing and turned on Internet Sharing
    4. made sure Sharing was turned on in iTunes prefs, which it was.
    5. Turned Apple TV on, it does not initially see any wireless network, and when I type in the name of
    the network that I created, it still does not connect.

    what does the wifi icon look like? is it the same as the Airport icon? right now, the airport icon looks different than usual, it is gray and has a little computer image in the middle. also, what do you mean by RHS?

    I clicked on the Airport icon and when the menu drops down to join another network or to create a new one, the dialogue that comes up says to "create a computer to computer network". is the way it should be? it does not specifically give an option to create a wireless network.

    sorry for all the questions- its my first time hooking up the Apple TV and I'm not accustomed to Apple products not just working right away. thanks again for your help