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Hi, I have itunes for my ipod just got an iphone 3g. I read that the one with the bell next to it can become a ringtone?? How do i do that? I also cant get my movies to sync???? Help someone please? Im not that smart.I m up to date with all software. hehehe Thank you so much in advande for any help given thanks again! Emma.

Dell, Windows Vista, iphone 3g
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    In order to do this, you have to purchase the ringtone on iTunes. In essense, you purchase the song twice, once for the entire track, then once for the rights to convert it to a ring tone. All you do after you purchase the track is to click on the bell, then it brings up a editor at the bottom of iTunes for selecting the portion of the song you want to convert into a ringtone. Once you've made the selection, then it will charge your iTunes account 99 cents for the ringtone.

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    To create a ringtone:

    1 - Buy a song from itunes with a bell icon next to it. (99 cents)
    2 - Go To Library>Music on the left side of itunes
    3 - Find the song with the bell next to it that you want to make a ringtone.
    4 - Click the Bell
    5 - Edit the song down to the portion that you want as your ringtone.
    6 - Click Buy (99 cents)
    7 - Wait for it to appear under Library>Ringtones
    8 - Make sure your iphone is connected and you have it set to sync ringtones
    9 - Sync your iphone

    With the iphone connected there are several tabs available that you let you check the items you want to sync.

    You may want to take the time to read the users manual:


    Hope this helps.
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    this does not work with songs you buy on itunes but any other song you've imported into itunes will work...

    1) Pick your song you want to turn into a ringtone in iTunes.
    2) Right click>Get Info or File>Get Info or Apple>I.
    3) Go to Options when the Get Info window opens.
    4) Click the check boxes to initiate Start and Stop time, manually entering the start and finish time of the song you want as a ringtone.
    5) Now, hit Okay.
    6) Next, go to Advanced>Convert Selection to AAC, this will create a copy of the song, but just the portion you want as a ringtone.
    7) The copy will be right under the original in iTunes, you will see the difference in times with the selection you chose should be at a ringtone length, like :30 seconds or so. Right-click on the selection and choose Show in Finder, or File>Show in Finder, it should be an m4a file.
    8) Simply click on the file name to edit it and change it to an m4r, this will change it into a ringtone to be recognized by iTunes.
    9) Go back to iTunes, find the short selection of the song that you converted to a ringtone and drag it out of iTunes to your desktop.
    10) It will make a copy of it and it should now be in your iTunes and desktop. Then, back in iTunes, delete the selection you just moved to the desktop.
    11) Double-click on the file you dragged to your desktop and it should open up and play in the "Ringtones" section of your iTunes.
    12) Sync.
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    Here's how to make ringtone for free from your own mp3:

    http://lifehacker.com/software/how-to/create-custom-iphone-ringtones-the-free-an d-apple-way-334073.php

    Follow the above thread.