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HERE IS THE BACKGROUND ... In my desktop Address Book I have contacts who have several phone numbers, such as "mobile" , "home", etc. Some contacts also have custom fields I created such as "mobile2", or "Home 2", etc. - and I have the address book display the information in the order I want it for each individual contact. For example I may want to have "Alamo Home" display first on top of the list. Each contact has it's individual format to suit my needs.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM: When I sync the iPhone, all the contacts and groups sync ok, however the contacts individual information never appear on in the iPhone in the same format display order as in the desktop. I have tried manually erasing all contacts from the iPhone and re-sync, still the same problem. This is an annoying problem because when I am looking at a contact with several phone numbers I want them to appear in the same format as the desktop, for convenience and ease of dialing. Why isn't the format order syncing properly?, and what can I do to resolve it.? Any help will be appreciated.

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