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Periodically (about twice a month) I cannot connect to my Linksys router (WRT54GS)...the connection times out on my MBA or it says Unable to Join Network on my iPhone.

If I unplug my router and plug it back in- EVERYTHING works. Recently I found out on my iPhone that if I go into settings and I select to Forget this network and I then set it up again it works and is a better option than having to go to my router and plugging it out and back in.

My question is if there is a similar option to forget a network on the macbook air that completely resets it? I have tried going into the AirPort settings and clicking the minus button on that specific network but that does not do the trick.

Is there a way to forget all networks and completely reset the Airport on a macbook air?

Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.4)