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weetzie Level 1 (0 points)
So every time I go to install an application, I enter my password and I get this error:

"The Apple ID or AOL screen name you entered couldn't be found or
your password was incorrect. Please try again"

So I then go to iTunes on my Mac, click on "Account" in the iTunes store, and I get the exact same error. I'm 100% positive I'm entering the correct password.

I click "Forgot Password" and then reset it back to what it is EXACTLY, and everything is fine, until the next day.

The password will work on anything else (mail, apple.com login, etc.) just not anything to do with the iTunes store.

Why do I have to reset my password every day!?

Macbook Nov 2007, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • LSUzealot Level 1 (0 points)
    can someone please respond ... i am getting this same message
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    Same problem here. So I tried logging in to the discussion forums, my Apple ID was disabled, and I had to change my password (with the usual "forgot password" email system.)

    It's likely that someone tried guessing my password unsuccessfully too many times, my Apple ID was disabled, and therefore I wasn't able to download a free update to an app. I'll try again some time later and post a follow up after my new password has propagated through Apple's servers, hopefully.
  • Aces Cracked Level 1 (0 points)
    Success. Apparently changing my password worked. So either 1. someone tried guessing my password several times causing Apple to disable my Apple ID (thus disabling my ability to log in to the App Store), or 2. there was some other intermittent problem with the App Store login mechanism that caused it to think I was entering the wrong Apple ID and password multiple times, thus disabling my Apple ID. I suspect #1 is the reason.

    Anyway, to recap, I was forced changed my Apple ID's password for whatever reason. Doing so enabled me to log in here, and also fixed my App Store login. I was able to download an update to an app perfectly. As we're used to saying about Apple products, "It just worked."

    Good luck folks.
  • Yosam Level 2 (495 points)
    This happened to me twice recently. Either there's a problem with the server or someone is working on the apple logins.

  • weetzie Level 1 (0 points)
    actually the problem you were having is completely different than mine. My problem is that the store keeps telling me my password is wrong, thus my having to change my password to log in. I get locked out after having to change it every day. Changing my password only solves the issue for a few hours until it starts telling me my password is wrong again.
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    I have been dealing with the exact same problem. Trying to access my account (in iTunes, or the myinfo site, or ESPECIALLY from the AppStore app on my 3G iPhone) results in the standard "account doesn't exist or password incorrect" error. Occasionally I get the "account disabled for security reasons" error. I assume this is because sometimes while frustratedly trying to use my account I exceed the max # of failed login attempts and Apple locks the account.
    The only workaround (which is no workaround at all) is to do as you have: reset my password every few hours. I experimented with checking the interval before the password is mysteriously invalidated - it seems to be between 3-4 hours after a last successful login (I don't know if this is an absolute interval, i.e. your password is invalidated after this time period regardless of your successful login activity or if there has to be a period of inactivity to trigger the password invalidation).
    I talked with phone support and after the usual reset-your-password flowchart walk-through was directed to the iTunes email support page. Typed in my problem details and 72 hours after the absolutely guaranteed reply time of 24 hours have yet to receive any reply.
  • weetzie Level 1 (0 points)
    My problem seems to have stopped. *crosses fingers* I haven't had to reset my password in days. I logged into myinfo.apple.com. I changed my password through there. The big thing, is that I noticed my email address had been changed to weetzie@me, when I actually just use weetzie@mac so I changed that too.

    After making that change I wasn't asked to change my password anymore.

    Additionally, I was finally written back by an iTunes specialist, and she told me to remove any addresses/phone numbers in my account that I don't use anymore. I'm not sure why that would have anything to do with the password, but I did that too.

    Anyway, HOPEFULLY everything is okay now.
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    I too receive the same error. Its quite frustrating as I am paranoid so then go about changing all my passwords.

    This has been happening every day or so for the past few weeks. I have used the itunes support page to ask a specialist but wont be holding out much hope.
  • SoCalMac Level 1 (15 points)
    This has been happening to me since the version 2 update. I have to change my password nearly every day - or at least every time I try to download an app or song from iTunes on my iPhone.
    When I contacted Apple about the problem, they were very rude and unhelpful - telling me I just kept typing the wrong password.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,986 points)
    I think there's a strong possibility that someone is trying to hack your account. And succeeding, as they are able to change your password.
  • weetzie Level 1 (0 points)
    That's not the case for my instance. If someone were to change my iTunes password, it also changes my email password, and my Apple ID password.

    But, like I said, after changing my password directly on the MyInfo page instead, it seems to have stopped the issue.
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    I have to correct my above post -- Apple Support did contact me and has been diligent in assisting me with my problem so far. I was in error in stating that they did not get back to me within their promised timeframe. The support reps have been quite polite throughout.
    A Tier 2 support person has given me a list of procedures to try, I will give it a go tonight and post my results.
  • Charles Barbe Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm having the same exact problem and am sick of having to reset my password every time I want to download something from the app store!!!

    I am a former .Mac member and a current MobileMe member. My apple ID did NOT change from my mac.com email address to the new me.com address. When I go to myinfo.apple.com, it says my account is disabled for security reasons. So I reset my password (to the same thing it was previously) through the iForgot website. When I finally get into myinfo.apple.com it says my apple id is my mac.com email address and that I cannot change it. Maybe the problem is that it hasn't switched over to my me.com address????

    Either way, when I am having the problems with the app store, I can continue to login to the mobile me web apps and can also check my email just fine over IMAP from my computer or phone. So this problem seems to be strictly with the Apple ID and not the mobile me log in. I hope apple fixes this!!!