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Since the most recent iTunes update, iTunes freezes every time I attempt to exit. I end up having to use ctrl-alt-del, which is obviously a big waste of time. Ideas

Sony, Laptop
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    I've been trying to purchase a few music tracks - normally a very simple operation. When I try to hear the sample track, all i-tunes seems to do lately is stop/start with Rebuffering Stream delays. I also have persisted in trying to download a purchase I thought had successfully downloaded some weeks previously (I omitted to check the purchases as I never have a problem - usually)! Finally downloaded it - now to attempt to purchase more.

    Time to call in help from Above................
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    I had the same problem, and it turned out to be my anti-virus software, NOD32. Whatever your anti-virus software, try adding itunes.exe into the exception list, so it does not scan it.
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    How do you add Itunes to the exeception list on Nod32???
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    Click on AMON
    Then click Setup
    Click the Exclusions tab
    Click Add
    Find your iTunes folder (should be something like C:\Users\(your user name)\Music\iTunes)
    btw, make sure it includes all of the subfolders too
    Then your done!