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I have been having some issues with iPhone "cloud" syncing. Specifically when I turn on Calender syncing in the iPhone it turns it on, then when I go to iCal in the phone only the last month and this month shows up after it manually syncs. The .me web site shows all of the info there back to 1999. When I turn mobile sync back off in the phone it erases everything as it says it will. Then I sync with iTunes again and all my calenders are back as it is on two computers and the "cloud". I have been fighting this for days. Anyway I decided to try a Restore of the phone thinking maybe there was a preference in the iPhone that was gumming up the sync from the "cloud". All went fine. Now after restoring the iphone everything got restored exactly as it was but now every time I activate iTunes (7.7.1) it does not give me the syncing screen but it wants to restore the iphone again. That screen shows up every time I boot iTunes when the iPhone gets plugged in. I don't know any way around this screen as there is no alternative. Now I cannot even sync anything to my phone anymore!

G5 2.0 DP, MBP 2.33gig 15", Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    UPDATE: Experimenting with the above problem. I plugged the iPhone into my laptop (main sync is with G5) and iTunes wanted to sync with it. I basically told it no and ejected it with iTunes. But before that happened I noticed that the bottom gigabyte gauge showed only info. Not any of my Music or Videos showed up in the gauge. That would account for about 7 gigabytes of missing data on a 8 gig phone. Conclusion: The restore on the G5 did not complete even though it said it did. I plugged into the G5 again to see if now I would get the restore screen again. But now it was showing the Sync screen. It asked if I wanted to sync with the library on this computer. I clicked yes and did the data first. The capacity gauge was showing (like the other computer) that Music and Videos were missing. I checkboxed all Music and Videos and resynced. That worked to restore the phone to original capacity.

    *But one more note:*

    Still turning iPhones mobile Calender sync on and off still only resulted with last months and this months events. I think this is a flaw of the software on the phone. As testing events syncing from phone to "cloud" events showed up immediately on mobil.me and the two computers. I need to have my meetings of past available for reference. Its like having only the past six months of Contacts available to you. Also if your thinking that I had some setting in iTunes to not sync data beyond (amount) of days. I never have checkmarked that feature. Again all my info on my Calender (iCal) back to 1999 shows up on all other devices, not the iPhone. Apple it's time to get busy and fix this.