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Ok, so for the first couple of months or so, I didnt realize that my iTunes folder was on my C: drive. Later I switched it to my media hard disk D: drive. Now I am running out of room on my C: and would like to transfer the old files I have on there to my D: drive. Is there any easy way to do this? I tried just copying the folder and moving it to the new one, but that doesn't work.

Also, I dont know if this matters, but I use windows media player to rip my cds on to my hard drive (dont ask why). Then I add those folders to iTunes. Thus, all my music takes forever to convert. I would just like to get the iTunes library all on the same place. But if I consolidate my library, will iTunes find every song it could play on my computer and add it, cuz I do not want that, just what is in iTunes right now. Thanks.
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    An iTunes 'Consolidate' will take all the music that is in the iTunes Library and copy it to the Library location currently specified in your Preferences. You can change this location prior to a consolidate, if needed.

    iTunes will not look outside its Library for other music files. If it doesn't have the song reference in the Library, it will not be consolidated.

    iTunes will
    i copy
    the files, not move them. You can then delete the underlying music files on the PC after verifying that the consolidate went as expected.

    If you consolidate to a location where music files already exist, iTunes may or may not make a duplicate file (not quite sure on this one).