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Hello everybody,

Here we go, I recently bought a new 3G iphone, works fine. Only improvement I like to make is to turn off the spell check. I use to write in french, english or spanish depending on who I'm writing to and the spell check thing always turn my english/spannish word in near-by french word... annoying. So if you know a way to turn that off, it would make me save a lot of time and improve my iExperience

iMac (intel) 20" 2GHz - iphone 3G 8Gb - mackbook 15" 2.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)
    Sorry, unless something has changed recently, you cannot turn off this feature.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    There is no option to turn this off.

    After selecting the x on a suggested word or spelling several times, the suggested word should no longer be provided.
  • abellan Level 4 (1,235 points)
    Are you using a different keyboard language based on the language you are writing in? If you use the Spanish keyboard, the dictionary will recognize the Spanish words, if you change to the French keyboard, the dictionary will recognize the French words.

    You can access the different keyboards by going to:
    Settings>General> International

    To change the keyboard to use while you are writing, tap on the world icon next to the spacebar.
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    I want to turn off that "feature" too. My mothers language is swiss german which has no official spelling (thats why we use german for official documents). If I start typing in swiss, iPhone automatically tries to correct it to german. Thats very annoing. I would very appreciate it if Apple would give me the possibility to turn it off with the next update.
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    Actually, this is not true for some words. If you tend to jokingly use strong language with your friends the iPhone will absolutely refuse to let you type curse words and always offer the suggestion even if you have clicked the X every single time. Also continues to offer me suggestions for shortened words such as: txt, msg, appt, etc.

    There is absolutely no reason why apple should not provide an option to turn this "feature" off for those of use who don't want it. This feature plus the lack of MMS has actually made it so I don't use text messages anymore. I am far slower typing what I want on an iPhone then on my previous Treos.
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    First off, I love my iPhone 3G. But the auto spell correction is a terrible feature. Not just because of writing in different languages either. I think the fundamental flaw is that it assumes you want to type correctly the way you do in normal word processing. But when text messaging, a lot of people (I would even say most) will often use words that are slang, or abbreviations, abstract/shortened phrases and word substitutes, whatever. +Thatz the nature of texting! U improvise, U customize. U get 2 play around wit' language+. It is incredibly disappointing that Apple doesn't recognize this and AT LEAST allow us to turn the feature off.
  • igrok-mac Level 3 (930 points)
    After about two days of using the iPhone (first version, last year), I had it trained to let me text all my shortcut spellings. When I picked up a new 3G, it took only about a day. Teach your phone. Don't keep it ignorant. It can learn, but it needs you to teach.

    Also, I just tried to type the 4 letter word for a turd starting in s and ending in t, and it suggsted "shot". I ex'ed it out, tried typing it again, but made a mistake and typed s g i t and it suggested, you guessed it, the correct word-that-can't-be-used-here. Trying again, it accepted the word with no suggested alternative at all.

    So if you're having trouble teaching curse words, try again.