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    i just tried the freeser method did every thing u told me to do. I got This iphone as a gift i did not buy it so is there anything one can do to help me I have looked at all postings on here and nothing seemes to work.. I wonder why apple would make a 800 dollar phone only to not work? does it have to do with the OS update 5.1 or is it my network verizon wireless? Please I Am a beginner to the apple comunity and any and all suggestions will be help-ful thank you!!!

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    I read a lot of methods. My wifi wasn't working and recognizing networks. I have an Iphone 3G. I turned off the blue tooth and turned it back on and it started to list available networks again. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone. But it's one more thing on the list of things to try.

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    hi everyone


    I had this issue the last few days and tried everything then realised it might have been an old problem I used to get with wireless


    Access your router and change the Wireles channel!!


    Mine was on auto and I changed it to 11 - IT FIXED MY ISSUE


    Sometimes all the wireless networks and traffic in ur local area get overloaded where they all use the same channel, etc


    Hope it helps

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    I am trying to reset my password threw the computer. How can i go about doing that..?

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    This worked for me on my brand new ipad 4.  Wifi just stopped 1 week in.


    Bizarre fix but worked!

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    Rudnxtx, thank you so much for your help.  This method worked flawlessly for me.  Thank you!

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    I've been kicked off wifi so often and so long at times without knowing it, I've used all my data. I received a text from AT&T  yesterday saying I've already used 65% of my data. I've been blameing it on my  (netgear) wifi box going bad. Maybe I should go to  AT&T store and have phone checked.thanks all

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    I have a iPhone4 and it worked perfect with iOS5.1.1.

    Unfortunately I upgraded to iOS6.0.0, and after this WiFi stop working every day. Upgrading to 6.0.1 didn't help either...


    Turning off/on Air-plane mode doesn't solve the problem.

    Turning off/on WiFi doesn't solve the problem.

    Turning off/on the phone doesn't solve the problem.

    (Turning off WiFi result into working data-traffic through the 3G network. I'm lucky to have flat rate on the data-traffic, so this is usually what I do...)


    The only way to make the WiFi-connection temporary work is to make a hard-reset on the iPhone. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds, and it will restart.

    After this it usually work as long as I stay in that specific location, either at home(using WPA1) or at work(using WPA2 AES/PSK).

    If the WiFi-connection works at home and if I go to work, the iPhone's WiFi-connection ALWAYS fail at work the rest of the day. It doesn't care if I restart the iPhone normally, or turn off/on the WiFi-settings. It just not working.

    And again, if I make a hard-reset, the WiFi-connection usually starts working... until I come home again... Then it's the same problem again.


    This problem NEVER occoured when my iPhone had iOS5.1.1.



    Are apple-developers reading comments here and do they solve any bug-reports anymore?

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    After experiencing the WiFi greyed out problem on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.0.1, worked fine after the update) and looking for solutions on this community and other websites here are my recommendations.



    1. You will see a greyed out WiFi toggle and your WiFi address (Settings>General>About) is N/A.


    2. It's a hardware issue related to faulty solders (metallic electrical connection) on the WiFi chip. The fact that for some users the problem appeared after an iOS update seems pure coincidence. The problem isn't limited to phones upgraded to iOS 6 alone. You may verify this on various forumson the internet.


    3. If you live close to an Apple Store and your phone is under warranty the best option is to get it replaced at the store.


    4. If you don't have that option (I live in Pakistan and there are no Apple stores here) there are two fixes:


                   a. The Freezer Method.
                   b. The Hair Dryer Method.


    5. For the first one, power off your phone, put it in a (preferably airtight or with Silica Gel) plastic bag, and place it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Take it out, let it return to room temperature and power on. The WiFi toggle will no longer be greyed out. You can connect again.


    In my case the Freezer Method fixed the problem but it reappeared after a week. Trying the method again only cured the WiFi for a few minutes after that. With no options (Repair people were clueless) I tried the Hair Dryer Method.


    6. For that, power off the phone. Now the WiFi chip is about 2-3 cm's from the rear camera lens. Aim the hairdryer there (on the back side) and constantly apply the hot air for about 5 mins (With the back cover unremoved). Let it cool down, power on and the WiFi is back!


    I'm not sure if it is a permanent fix - the Freezer Method certainly wasn't. But for everyone facing this quite widespread problem, you should try both methods before completely giving up hope.


    Some people have solved the issue by completely draining the phone's battery (By using the Flashlight app) and charging it back up, but that didn't work for me. Some people believe a software update will fix it, since in their opinion it's a temperature sensor calibration issue caused by faulty hardware. Others have mentioned that even installing the iOS 6.1 update (available in a beta version for developers) didn't fix it.


    So try these two methods. These are the only solutions that seem to be working for many people, although none of them might be a permanent fix.

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    Wi-Fi is greyed out and not working:


    It seems I have tried everything on this list, and still no luck with the iphone 4s. After freezing the iphone, the problem seemed to have been solved, then after about 5 mins, the problem returned. I then tried to use the hair drier method, it too worked for a short period of time. The warranty had only been off of the phone for 7 days when I noticed this problem and now I'm rather upset. I guess I plan to find some other fixes and if I do so, I will post it here.

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    same problem here with my black iphone 5. I just got a replacement and it is not much better. Now i just get very slow wifi and sometime it stil disconnect, i even went as far as adding a new extender wifi device. I regret geting the black iphone wifi, it seem like the white one is working fine for some reason.

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    same problem going on here for almost a week now.

    I have an iphone 4s with IOS 6.1.

    My wifi works perfectly fine at school and work but it gets really bad at home. However, my wifi is fine on my laptop. I have tried restarting my phone, the airplane on and off thing and resetting network setting. v.v I have no idea what's going and it's getting very annoying. any solutions

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    I also have the same problem.

    I have updated my iphone 4s with the iOS 6.1.2

    My wifi just stop working out of the blue last weekend, I can not get it anywhere like at home, work, phone stores, and cafes. 

    I have tried everything, turning the it off and on, restoring the phone and going though the other ways off the net and it hasn't worked. Not a happy camper

    My wife has the iphone 4 with the new update and her phone is working fine.

    i don't get it and i need help

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    I have the same problem but my wifi isnt greyed out. I can still go into the wifi part of my settings but it doesnt pick up any wifi signal, where as my blackberry is connected and so is my laptop.

    Cant download any podcasts/music without it. So annoying. And use up all my data now too.

    Tried all of the above (except putting it in the freezer ) and nothings working. Has anyone taken their phone to apple? If so, have they helped? Thinking about making an appointment.



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    Thanks man

    Airplane mode power off power on airplane.


    Worked for us too