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    iphone besides entering into a freezer, this may be one of the solutions that can help

    - Go to camera
    - Move into video mode
    - Turn on the video light, let your iphone a few minutes until hot and the light turns itself off ..
    - Repeat until your iPhone is really hot
    - Exit the camera menu
    go to settings ---> turn on airplane mode
    - Turn off your iphone
    - Let sit for a few minutes until the temperatures become cooler iphone
    - Turn on your iphone and go to the wifi settings.

    IF YOU ARE LUCKY, then your wifi will work normally, but unfortunately it will not last long so the same problem will come back later ...

    This way I always use my iphone any wifi problems (gray out / can not detect the hotspot signal), and it often works ..

    - Reset network settings
    - Reset all settings
    - Restore your iPhone as a new phone via itunes
    This means iphone wifi will not make you work, but it only hurt when you just ...

    hopefully can help you the same fate unfortunately with me

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    Thanks Rudnxtx,


    It works for me as well......


    - airplane mode on

      - power off phone

      - power on phone

      - airplane mode off

      - wifi on

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    My Wifi is not detecting any network. Tried resetting and restarting. The closest I got was turning off the phone for a few minutes before trying again.. that got it to detect some networks, but when I attempt to join one, the phone straight up crashed. Phone temperature is not too hot so I'm not sure if I should put it in the freezer.

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    my iphone 4s has a greyed out wifi bar. i tried all the solutions here and it still doesnt work. i tried freezer method and it work for 30 mins. ive reset and restored and tried to set it up as a new phone, changed my router settings and it still hasnt worked. i have two other iphones conneced to the same router and they work fine. if anyone has other suggestions i welcome them, but i am not going to pay for a refurbished phone (my warrenty ended in march). thanks...

  • paulcb Level 6 Level 6 (19,095 points)

    i tried freezer method and it work for 30 mins.

    Based upon this, it sounds like a hardware problem to me, i.e. a cracked trace or solder joint somewhere.

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    Settings>General>Cellular>Cellular Data>Off


    Then retry Wifi

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    this is the craziest issue ever, both my husband and I bought our phones together app.18 months ago, and the wi-fi stopped working on both iphones (at different times) yesterday!!!! what are tha e odds of everyone having the same exact issue around the same time????

    Anyhow, after placing in freezer, the wi-fi worked for my phone for a few hours, and then back to slow as heck service! my husband's only worked for about 2 minutes if that.

    What are we suppose to do here? this a major turn off APPLE!!!

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    Just for info, Im a UK iphone 4s user and my Wifi Stopped working, i had a Barclaycard contactless payment sticker stuck onto the back of the iphone for 6 months before the failure, after I removed it the wifi was restored.

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    I agree with Marsi, major turn off.


    This is a premium price for a so so product, my 4s is just over a year old and the wifi doesn't trun on (greyed out switch) non of the fixes work. not the software fixes, not the software restore suggested by Apple, not the freezer fix. Haven't tried the heating fix but I suspect it will be temporary if anything. This is a problem with a crummy assembly or poor design. Much like my iMac 27" which had another known problem of a poor connector for the screen backlight. Apparently 5% have the problem, which isn't ernough for Apple to bother with a fix, but which still accounts for probably a million or so disgruntled iMac purchasers. This Wifi thing is the same. if Apple can sell 9 million phones in a weekend, it should fix them when they break. I have 1 1/2 years left on a three year plan and my phone is broke and out of warranty.


    New phone? think I'll get a samsung next time.

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    Confirmed, the heating cure did not work either. Another problem, with another Apple item. A Mac Mini in my office was udated to OSX 10.6.8 and now refuses to allow Mail to be used. All the fixes suggested in Apple support and in this forum have failed to work.


    Maybe I am just not an "Apple User" and my equipment is trying to tell me we are incompatible?

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    Can confirm the same issue, I dont have the £200 to replace Apples abject failure. Not a single comment from apple. Very frustrated.

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    After request, I keep being updated about messages in this forum. I had the same problem with WiFi, tried all the solutions, no new ones have come up for months. I bought the iPhone 5, and had initially no problems with it. My friend works for Lefdal, a Norwegian electronic company and he told me that the problems with WiFi are 99% with the iPhone 4s. However with the iPhone 5 I have a new problem... can't connect a headset or headphones.. Apple refuses to help, they don't reply to problems or want to charge me for fixing them. After my subscription runs out, I am changing from apple to another phone. Such awful customer service, they are like Dell a few years back.. I'm sorry to say this to people with recent aple purchases, but change from apple! I took my phone 3 times to service to check the WiFi problem, and it wasn't fixed and they told me I had to pay for delivery fees because they didnt find a problem with it. Had to go without a proper phone for almost 2 months all together. Cheeky b******s!

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    I have an iPhone 4S and WiFi is down right now. It only works the few seconds or minutes I use the device then it disappears. If I lower the light, it goes longer, but as soon as I use the phone for pictures, videos, games, contacts etc, it stops. So yes it has a link with heating problem and with all the people having the same problem, it would be a minimum of respect for their clients to do a recall. We are A LOT with that problem I see. My 3Gs is connected on my wifi home, so it is not a "settings" issue.

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    I have the same problem. First I thought sth wrong with the network. But then I realize the phone just couldn't pick up any network at all. I restart many times already and still doesn't work.  Now I go to setting and try to connect the network manually and the phone won't even let me turn my the wifi setting. Like I try to swipe it to turn it on and it just doesn't do anything and it's just off.  It's very frustrating.

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    Fixed at last! I had the same issue with an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G both failing to connect to the wifi network about five months back, tried nearly every suggestion in the forums (even some nutty ones), the gave up in frustration, and had another go last weekend, when I finally sorted it!


    I set the wireless from 54g back to the older 802.11a or 802.11b. I the told my iPhones to "forget this network" then they were able to reconnect, then I set my router back to 54g to get the rest of the network back to full speed, and the iPhones continued to work with no problems.


    As my router's wireless settings had been unchanged at the time of this failure, and all other devices at home continued to work bar the iPhones, I can only assume that some recent versions of IOS, when combined with older hardware, have trouble auto-negotiating compatible wireless connection speeds, but once a successful connection occurrs at speeds the iPhone is happy with, they cache data regarding that particular wireless network's available connection speeds, for future use. I cant prove that of course, but it's the only way I can make any sense of a situation that is as wierd as it was frustrating. Whew . . almost pushed me to Andriod (Yuck)