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Apart from the permissions-scrambling (I think) problem, there is also another weirdness manifesting:

"X" number of apps appear as badging the App Store icon; I update one, then wait for it to finish updating; I then go back to the App Store icon, to find that "Y" number of updates has vanished from the badge/update page. The "missing" updates usually reappear after a while.

The above is a bit different from another problem that has been reported, i.e., of apps being updated via the iPhone, then going back to the App Store on the iPhone to find the updates still sitting there, or reappearing suddenly several updates later (I update apps one at a time so that I can read the authors' update texts, if they've supplied them).

I am not only fed up with the erratic behaviour of the App Store, I am fed up with the time I've wasted, and my time that has been soaked up bleating and whining about the App Store problems here. Not to mention the "apps not working after an update" permissions issue. And even more ticked off because of the data I've lost because the iTunes backup facility appears to be broken as well (as of 7.7.1, at least).

Time for me to get a life, methinks.

Also time for Apple to get some fixes out into the wild ASAP.

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    Well, well. I was just about to post to this to say that the iPhone 2.0.1 software/firmware update had fixed things. It did for about 6 hours, but after another App Store update, the AS flags started playing up after an update, and then the downloaded apps and the music became unusable again.

    This is really, really not funny. I spent hours last night installing the update and repopulating the phone with apps and musics, and I'm back to square 1. Yet again.

    Has anyone else had the similar experience of updating the phone to 2.0.1 and have the apps die again?

    I dare not ask if anyone has a fix, other than being able to hack the iPhone file system by hand and manually change the permissions via a telnet session running on a Mac (or Linux?) box. And doing this, if possible should probably do nasty things to the warranty.

    I'm now going to mothball the iPhone until there's a known robust fix to these problems, and go back to my old Sony Ericsson (and hope that the iPhone's SIM card will work in the SE). I've wasted far too much time on this to continue. Bad show, Apple. -10/10 and no elephant stamp and gold star for you.
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    "And doing this, if possible should probably do nasty things to the warranty." should have read:

    "And doing this, if it is actually possible, would probably do nasty things to the warranty."