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Hi guys,

Please take a look at the attached screenshot (http://www.grabup.com/uploads/0789a87bfac73d4892a42aa9cb71732d.png) of my iTunes. In the panel, next to Applications under Library, there is a bubbled "1" which I assume means that there is one update available for one of my applications. At the bottom of the applications screen, it says "1 update available", but when I click on that link, I get a page that lists over 12 updates available, some of which are duplicates.

In addition, the App Store on my iPhone doesn't see any updates available...


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    Please add to this thread:

    When I try to get an update, it says "The update will be available the next time you log into the iTunes store on your computer".

    I think it logs in automatically in iTunes, but I can't find a way to do it in a browser. I was using FireFox, but Safari doesn't offer a login screen either.
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    I've been having the same problem -- the badge shows a single update available, but when I click on the button to view it, it shows about 12 to 14 (and many are duplicates -- an app being listed twice in a row, for some reason). I'll download them all, but syncing doesn't seem to do anything to change it, and as reported previously, the App Store on the phone shows all applications as being up to date.
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    I'm having the same issue and it started early last week. Looks like another thing Apple screwed up regarding the iPhone 3G, App Store, and Mobile Me. Keep up the GREAT work Apple.

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    I have a similar, but different, issue to this one. I fixed this issue just by transferring purchases off of my iPod Touch. Then I went into where it saves the applications on the computer and deleted all of the duplicates except for the newest one (sometimes appended with a number at the end of the name). This seemed to remove the bubble with the number in it in iTunes for a while.

    However my issue is such that the bubble is still there, but when I click on "get available updates" it tells me that none are available, yet the bubble and number are still there.