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Okay so I decided to purchase a television show off iTunes, not knowing that my laptop didn't have enough memory. So it didn't finish downloading. Now I want to delete and erase the download. I tried right clicking on it and selecting "delete", but that didn't help. Every time I log in to iTunes, it attempts to download it again. I want it gone.


* I already tried freeing up disk space on my computer *

Windows Vista
  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,815 points)
    Sorry, but you can't yourself remove an item from your download queue. Contact the iTunes Store customer support department through the form linked from the bottom of their Download FAQ web page (I recommend that you use the form, not the link in your Purchase History as they advise; that's not proven to be very reliable) and explain the problem to them. They may be able to clear the download queue for you.

    Good luck.
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    I had the same problem. Tried deleting form "downloads" queue that lists current downloads. Couldn't right click the paused download (Windows uses right click, not sure about mac) but shows no menu. So I went to the "TV Shows" library which lets me right click the partially downloaded episode and select delete but nothing happens. After digging around in all the iTunes menu options I found that selecting the episode while in the "downloads" list and choosing "edit|delete" in the top menu bar the episode disappeared. Unfortunatly it does come back when I check for purchases but for now it's gone.
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    I am having the same problem. I only wanted the episodes for my iphone to watch on the train. Now, I have to delete the huge HD files from the download list every time I purchase a song. How annoying.
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    Apple support can fix it. Even after deleting it from my download queue it kept comming back. One support email (using their contact form) and they cleared it from my queue for me. I hate to have to do that each time though. It has happend again on another episode which does not let me choose between HD and standard. You get both versions no matter what. This time I had a fast enough connection to let the 1.6 gig HD version download completely then I deleted it after the fact, but that was a pain too.