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I just purchased an LG W2252TQ LCD monitor and I am using a mini-dvi to dvi adapter and a DVI cable to connect to the monitor. My macbook detects the monitor, but when I connect it, the monitor enters "Digital Power Saving Mode" and is asleep. No picture whatsoever. - I saw another post who was having similar trouble and he solved it by using a mini-dvi to vga adapter, but I'd prefer to use a digital connection. Any help?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4), iPhone 3G 8gig
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    I called LG and was told that there are no LG monitor drivers compatible with Macs. This is pretty ridiculous. Anyone know any hacks to get LG drivers onto macs?
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    Does the LG have a Source selection button on the front panel? It could be that the input needs to be set for digital.
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    Yes there is a source selection button, but that's not the problem - it's that LG doesn't support drivers for digital connections on Macs - so I have to use a VGA connection, unfortunately.
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    [snip] "it's that LG doesn't support drivers for digital connections on Macs" [unsnip]

    Actually, there is no such thing as a display driver that can be user installed in OS X. So no point singling out LG in that regard. Nobody makes a user installable display driver.

    The way a Mac gets a display driver is from plug-and-display. So perhaps the LG does not have a well formed P&D driver. If you want, you can verify the driver using the program SwitchRes X which has a function for capturing the P&D driver information into a text file. In SwitchRes X is button labeled "Print DDC". That will create a text file from the driver info.
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    kiamatthews: I bought the same LG monitor for my daughter's MacBook and I couldn't get it to work. Then I read your post and resigned myself to buying the mini-dvi to VGA adapter. Luckily, I stubbornly tried one more time and after a bit of fiddling I finally succeeded in getting it to work. (My daughter has the same setup as you i.e. LG W2252TQ LCD monitor connnected to a MacBook using the mini-dvi to dvi adapter and a dvi cable connected to the monitor.) I'm a relative newbie to Macs, so I'm not sure I've remembered all the steps, but here goes.

    When I first connected them, the LG showed the background from the MacBook, but nothing else (no icons, no windows, etc). Eventually I brought up system preferences - displays, and some sort of monitor resolution window appeared on the LG, but it was different than what was on the MacBook. The "displays" window on the MacBook did indicate both the MacBook monitor and the LG, which it showed as 2252TQ or something like that. Anyway, I checked a box labelled "Show displays in menu bar", which then put a monitor icon on the menu bar. When I clicked on that, there was a line allowing me to select "mirror" which I did. Immediately, what was on the MacBook display appeared on the LG. After I picked myself up off the floor, I was able to change the resolution for the LG to its maximum setting and after about 2 seconds of blank screens, it reappeared with everything working as it should.

    I hope that the above description is sufficient to get yours to work as well.
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    I had the same problem using mini dvi to DVI-D . Do two things set up the display in system preferences and check the box “SHOW DISPLAYS IN MENU BAR” then unplug the VGA adaptor even if you are not using it.

    This instantly fixed the problem AS THE the LQ automatically switch from analog power saving mode to Digital to the LG W2252TQ .
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    I have the same problem.

    I plugged-in the LG monitor through a DVI D-DVI D and DVI-mini-DVI cable. The monitor recognizes the connection, switching from "Check Signal Cable" to "Digital. Power Saving Mode".

    However, clicking on Detect Displays does not bring it up in System Preferences.

    Would any of you have other suggestions?
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    I'm having the same problems, please help! I've been using the monitor for a few months with no problems, then I unplugged the mini dvi adapter, then when I plugged it back in the monitor started to not work. It keeps going into "digital power saving mode" when I plug it in to my macbook. When it's unplugged there's a flower that floats around that says "Check signal cable"
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    Clearly an old thread. But I have this monitor. It works fine on my 24" iMac. Just to note it.