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I had some issues with the 2.0.1 update and had to restore my iPhone from a different computer. Then I hooked my iPhone backup to my main computer and was going to restore from my backup, however, iTunes immediatly performed a backup of my iPhone (Newly Restored) so I lost my settings.

I have taken a lot of photos on my iPhone and now lost all of them except for the ones I've emailed or sent to MobileMe. I must say that it is a bit of a pain if I have to send each picture to MobileMe one at a time.

Is there a way when I sync my iPhone that it will automatically write the photos on cameral roll to a folder I specify in "My Pictures" on my computer? If not, this should be something that is included in a next update.

Also, I would like the ability to send multiple photos in an email.


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    When your iPhone includes photos that were captured by your iPhone, it is also detected and treated as a digital camera when connected to your computer, and you should treat it as such. This is not part of and separate from the iTunes sync process which transfers pictures from your computer to your iPhone only.
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    Thank you - I do see how this works. When I connect my iPhone to my computer iTunes opens along with dialog box giving me several options. I choose Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard and selected it to be that option by default. I am then presented with the wizard and click next. Then I have the option to choose pictures to copy and they are already checked. So I click next and I'm given a choice to type a name for the group of pictures and I also create the place to save my pictures under "My Pictures" as a folder called Camera Roll (My name). Then I selected "Delete pictures from my device after copying them". Then in iTunes under my iPhone then Photo tab I told it to sync to my "Camera Roll (My Name) folder.

    So now I have my images sync'd - with a bit of a process, but it works. Wish I noticed the little pop-up before I lost them.

    It would be nice if Apple simply included a sync from your camera roll photos while syncing with everything else (where you can specify the folder to sync your camera roll photos to). I can't imagine that it would be that difficult.

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    You're welcome.

    Most people who have never done any computer programming think adding a feature or function is not that difficult, or something that can be written, debugged and tested in a few hours or days which is not usually the case.

    For Apple to include something like this may not be that difficult, but why spend money on resources to provide this - include it with the iTunes sync process when this is already included with Windows and OS X for the import of photos from a digital camera?

    If Apple didn't have other priorities or more important things to include or improve upon, that would be a different story. This function is already available but separate from iTunes and the same for any digital camera.
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    Ran into the same question myself. I do think it's a little strange that EVERYTHING syncs except photos taken with the iPhone. Hopefully a future update will take care of that. (It's probably not even an oversight: since this is how other cameras work it would technically be the "normal" way of doing things.)

    Anyhow, I just wanted to mention that when your iPhone is connected via USB, there is an "Apple iPhone" icon in Windows Explorer (in My Computer) that functions as a folder. You can easily delete and copy them similar to normal files. You can also right-click and have any selected photos/files copied to My Pictures.
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    Hi Allan, unfortunately this method will not work for me since my iphone already got wiped out by a restore. I took some very important pictures last night with my iphone 3g and trying to update it to use the latest firmware 2.0.2. The upgrade was interrupted in the middle and I've been forced to run restore function which wiped out all my data on the phone. when I tried to do a restore from my backup, it stated the backup was either corrupt or not compatible with my iphone version. My objective is to recover the photos that I took last night, is there any way I can salvage them from the backup files under the mobilesync directory?
    Thanks in advance for your answer. I would be very grateful if I can recover those photos. thanks!
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    These photos should have been imported to your computer before installing a firmware update - especially if very important photos.

    Sorry, but I have no experience with recovering data from an iPhone backup - especially from a corrupt or non-compatible backup.
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    Thanks Allan, I did some more research and testing yesterday and believe the photos are most likely in those backup files. But due to the corrupt manifest.plist (it didn't have matching footers). I've been forced to use the same file from another backup. But by doing so, it did not recognize all the photos that are there. So basically, I need a tool that can browse and convert the backup files(.mdbackup) to whatever format they are originally in. Please let me know if you've heard any tools that can do that. thx!
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    Allan. Is your reply only for Windows? I do not see how this works for Macs. I see no way to backup the camera roll photos on my iPhone. When I connect it to iTunes, I see no options. Nothing happens like a digital camera, that I can see. What am I missing? I need to find a way to backup the camera roll.
    I lost all my precious photos last night when my iPhone froze and I had to perform the restore.

    I do not understand this. Because, when I bought my new iPhone 3G I was able to transfer my original iPhone camera roll photos onto my new camera. I am very confused about all this. Thanks.
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    My reply is not just for Windows.

    iTunes does not handle importing photos that were captured by your iPhone, just as iTunes does not handle importing photos from any digital camera.

    If you have a Mac, you can use iPhoto for the import if you use iPhoto for photo storage on your Mac, or you can use the Image Capture application included with OS X which is located in your Applications folder.
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    I own a Mac and syncing photos couldn't be easier with iPhoto.
    it just detects the phone as a camera and so fourth.

    I know i know I'm brilliant.

    Hope that's what you need.
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    This is an issue I've had myself. It is rather irritating that I can sync up other photos from my computer TO my iPhone, but not anything in the Camera Roll folder. Ive read the argument that the phone is being treated as a digital camera in this case and that adding functionality to a program isn't all that easy, but I really don't buy either of these arguments in this case.

    For one thing, iTunes already knows how to sync jpeg photos between my computer and my PC. I can put any folder containing jpeg images ONTO my iPhone through the sync mechanism in iTunes. The iPhone is saving the images as jpegs in the Camera Roll folder (I'm extrapolating this by virtue of the fact that when I email an image from Camera Roll, it attaches a jpeg image). By extension, it should just be a matter of making the Camera Roll folder accessible from the Photos sync. Camera data is usually stored in the tags of a file, which shouldn't be lost when transferring files back and forth. And if it is, just give me a little warning and let me choose.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, iTunes already knows how to do this. Why is the functionality not included? I am able to use Windows Explorer to copy files like I would from any digital camera, but why should I have to do that when iTunes syncs everything else.
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    That is absolutely crazy!

    We are obligated to use iTunes to Sync our iphone to our computers. It copies JPEGs, it should SYNChronize the JPEGs.

    This is yet another way that the iphone developers have come close, but missed the mark. They don't quite understand.

    Exactly what discussion took place where some development team specifically made the decision to make things MORE complicated??
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    Crazy? Try using Image Capture and you shall nearly certainly be a happy camper.
    It's a neat little app which will recognise your iPhone instantly (or any picture-taking device currently hooked up to your Mac) and allow you to automatically carry out a number of default tasks like resizing or creating a web page. You can also launch a renaming tool (like Rename 8, for example) straight out of Image Capture if that's what you're after:
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    You are absolutely right! Not only is it crazy, but it is in direct contradiction to Apple's own support documents. Consider, for example, article HT1296 (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1296). I quote:

    "...photos taken from the iPhone will only sync one-way from the device to the computer." (This is repeated again in the same article in a bullet-point list.)

    But as we all know, this is just flat-out wrong. Photos taken from the iPhone don't sync either way. The only photo-syncing you can do is the exact opposite direction: from the computer to the device.

    Again, we are talking about syncing here, not manual import. I'm well aware that you can upload your photos from iPhone to iPhoto. That's completely beside the point. Photos are listed as sync-able content in iTunes, and clearly they were intended at some point to sync from iPhone to iTunes (or to iPhoto via iTunes), as stated in the KB article. The iPhone (or iTunes) software developers just screwed up, as far as I can tell.