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Sean Kendall Level 1 Level 1
How do I refresh my library so iTunes adds new titles from the same folder and deletes one's I've deleted outside of iTunes. I sometimes use MusicMatch and it does this on the fly. Anything similar option-wise in iTunes?
  • paul rowe1 Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. I like to use explorer to manage my music. It would be nice to have ITunes automatically update the library accordingly. Right now, I hack it and just add the same folder again and again to the library.
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6
    iTunes does not have a 'watch list' or any feature that will automatically add/delete music.

    You will need to manage this manually.
  • Russ Mayland Level 1 Level 1
    I just got my first iPod...this is the same situation I have been struggling with and it can get irritating. Call me a Windows-disposed hardliner , but I do prefer to manage the location of my files in Explorer, as opposed to a GUI with a indexed links to numerous embeded locations. Here is my scenario and the best way I can figure out how to deal with it. I would welcome any other ideas.

    I have my music files stored on an external HD and organise them by folder e.g. 80's, Blues etc. and have iTunes all set up and running with these. Now I get some new songs, open Windows Explorer, and add them to my 80's folder, and also move an existing song from the Blues folder to the Jazz folder. I open iTunes and can't find the new songs listed, and clicking on the "moved" song, I get File not found. The first thing I tried (mistakenly) was to click File > "Add Folder To Library", select 80's (then Blues and Jazz) with hopes to refresh the library. It added the new songs, but what happened was iTunes saw some other .wma files and converted them to .m4a (AAC) storing them in the My Music/../iTunes Music folder (as it is suppose to). I later added some more music and did the same "refresh" procedure, and again, and again. It was then I noticed I had 4 duplicate copies of numerous songs - which were from my original .wma files, converted each time. It had performed a conversion of the same songs each time I clicked "Add Folder to Library"

    Here's the best soloution that I have found, and would welcome any other comments:

    Have both iTunes and Win Explorer open so you can see both...

    New songs: 1) Place it in the Explorer folder where you wish to store it, 2) drag the file (song) from Explorer to the iTunes Library (in the source window). It should then automatically display in the Library window and you can modify the track tags and other info from there by rihgt click > Get info

    Moving songs (already setup in the iTunes Library): This is a bit more painstaking, but seems to work. 1) In Explorer, drag-and-drop to MOVE (not Copy) the file from the old to the new folder, 2) From the new folder, drag the file to the iTunes Library. 3) Find the song in the iTunes Library, there should be two identical listings, 4) Double-click either one. If it plays, thats the listing to keep. If you ger "File not found" click Cancel and delete that listing.

    When you get adding a lot of new music, it gets a bit labor intensive!
  • soundguy_99 Level 1 Level 1
    Hey Guys,
    I have been helping my friend with his IPod and Itunes, and the first thing he asked my once we got the music into the library was "now how do I refresh the music library", so I couldn`t agree more with whats already been said. To think with todays technology, as well as production of the ipod, Apple would release music software without the ability to monitor or refresh a paticular music folder on the hard dirve is appauling. Even a program like winamp which in some ways is inferrior to itunes, has the ability to monitor music folders. I understand that their trying to create products that work with both Mac and PC, but if thats an issue, I would rather them include both install disks, or even the ability to download a patch, than not have the function at all. Apple shure missed the boat on that one, so I share your guys frustration, and for right now like you guys I am left with the same options, re-adding the folder, and then removing the duplicates.
    Heres hoping Apple gets their act togeather and releases this options soon.
  • soundguy_99 Level 1 Level 1
    Huge Thanks,
    I sure many people are going to apreciate this. I still hope they include this in the future releases.
    Thanks again,
  • hudgie Level 7 Level 7
    I agree. It's a feature that many people want, and would be very useful.