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sbaj Level 1 (0 points)
When I am opening up the Facebook application on my iPhone, it just opens the screen and then closes right away.
Does anybody know why? I've powered down and back up, but it still does the same. My phone is just a couple of days old, but I've done the software updates.

iPhone 3g
  • locondcoco Level 3 (590 points)
    i dont know if i speak for anyone else, but the facebook app has not played very nice since day 1 on my phone. if it doesnt do what you have described, it would crash the whole phone, where it would reboot itself (apple logo). i've since removed the app until theres another update or something.

    i know the other thing with your issue (for apps in general) is to make sure your computer is authorized in itunes.

    oh, and you mentioned you only powered down, try rebooting (holding sleep/wake and home buttons, ignoring the slide to cancel and release only when you see the apple logo). that seems to work for me after i've installed apps and they do what you've described.
  • sbaj Level 1 (0 points)
    Seems like it does need an update. I tried the reboot and it didn't help, but then I just did a sync where I unchecked the app and had it removed. Then I synced again with the app and it is working again.
    Maybe my question is really answered, but I'm not happy that this bug came out of nowhere. I guess it could be worse.
  • Interceptor121 Level 2 (185 points)
    This can be due to lost link to iTunes account.

    Try installing another free application to ensure it is asking you for the right user name and password
  • ewiley28 Level 1 (0 points)
    After that happened with the Facebook app can you open any other third party apps? Does your iPod on the iPhone show any content when you load it?

    There's some sort of problem with the iPhone where 3rd party apps won't load and the phone won't display the synced content in the iPod. It's interesting that you mention Facebook because that's where my problem started and I've seen it referenced in some other discussions as well. However, I wouldn't rush to blame Facebook for sure because it has been downloaded by so many people that it's likely to be present in a much higher percentage of the problem cases than other apps.
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    I would like to know why not only my Facebook app doesn´t work but non of my installed programs seem to work.
    The apps open for a second, and then close.

    Could that be a bug that came with the new update 2.0.1 ???
    Because I realized that also the carrier settings couldn´t be updated.

    Apple REALLY needs to fix this. A lot of people are counting on the best service, and all we have are bugs with the new iPhone.
  • dieci Level 1 (0 points)
    This is happening to all my apps. I think its an update problem but no one seems to really ahve an answer yet.
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    I'm having the exact same issue. I just ran the firmware update and synced with iTunes (having had the phone for a couple weeks and just now getting around to syncing it) and suddenly none of my third-party apps work.
  • Erich Meatleg Level 2 (170 points)
    I starting having this problem yesterday, for the second time in two weeks (I got my iPhone on the 26th of July). I did a complete restore last night. i got all of my data re-entered into each program. then, i switched my language to Japanese, and all apps started crashing again. I tried un-syncing a bunch of them, re-synching, then synching only part of the 80+ apps I have (okay, I know I'm an app junkie). Hard re-setting didn't work. Nothing did.

    I was actually thinking of taking it back and reactivating my old phone.
    Then I tried something simple. I re-downloaded a free app (Hangman) directly to my iPhone via the apple store. BAM! Hangman worked, and so did everything else.

    The cause of my problem may not have been the same as everyone else's, but here is what I think worked.

    1) In OS X on a mac, if something goes awry with a program, you usually can fix it by deleting a plist file.
    2) Since you cannot do that on your iPhone, a corrupted plist file somewhere in the iPhone was refreshed/fixed by re-downloading the software directly to the phone.

    I know that elsewhere, on Maccast specifically, I heard that it is best to never download programs directly to your phone (it is always better to sync them through iTunes), but this has me thinking otherwise. Once I get iPhone working again, I may try to never again connect the iPhone to iTunes again. I guess this means listening to podcasts ONLY on my other (STABLE, NON-CRASHING) iPod, the classic... so even though I bought the iPhone in part so that I dont have to take a PHONE and a MUSIC PLAYER when I leave the house, then I will have to take two devices anyway...
  • Mac Pro 8core - x86 Level 1 (20 points)
    If you downloaded the early release of the FB app just around launch time then it will crash there was an update to resolve a few issues and they should be another soon cause when i check the logs on my phone the current version has a crash log a mile long it runs ok my phone but crashes silently when being closed.
  • adeharding Level 1 (10 points)
    ive noticed that when my apps stop working, authorised music also stops working
  • Cgip Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi All, I've read all your problems and I think this fixes it...well at least it did for me. All of my apps wouldn't open for me either, they attempt to...but didn't. They worked fine when purchased/downloaded directly from phone, but once synced, they didn't. What fixed my problem was that I went into I tunes on my computer, under library select applications, then click on one of the apps on my phone that wouldn't open. It asked me for authorization, once authorized...ALL of my apps now open on the phone and work completely. I did not have to authorize each individual app, just picked one at random. Make sure you sync after doing this and they should work now (at least mine do). Thanks