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I used to value the Print Center in OS9 using a Epson C80 as well as the Utilities. Is there any way I can install the Print Center/Utilities in the Print menu ? It used to come up as one of the options when you went into Print. I can open the Utilities which gives the condition of ink carts, etc. but there is no Print Monitor function.

Thanks for ANY help !

Jack Howe

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  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (30,460 points)
    Did you open System Preferences +Print & Fax+ pane Printing tab, and click on +Set Up Printers+ button? This runs the Printer Setup Utility (you can run it directly from the Utilities folder).

    If you double-click on a printer on the list, it will show the printer's queue, if that's what you mean by "print monitor function."
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    Hi Ken, Thanks for your reply to my question. Yes, I can access the Printer List but what I need to access is the Epson Printer Utilities which will give me the options of how much in is left in the carts, head alignment, cleaning and other things.

    When I open the Epson Printer Utilities I don't get the option to do the above things. I get the icon which shows the printer, some tools and some ink drops but when I click I get the Printers List again but no option to access the above items.

    I specically need to do be able to do this in order to see how much ink is left in the carts, if they need to be replaced.

    Thanks again.

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    I have an old Epson printer myself. Stylus Photo 750. It uses the open source Gutenprint driver for this printer instead of the one from Epson. It does not give me all the features I remember from the Mac OS 9 driver, but it does a good job of printing. There was an Epson driver, but support ended with 10.1 or 10.2. It's possible that it would work with a later OS release, but I'm happy with the Gutenprint driver. Those ink level indicators tend to underestimate how much ink you have left to make you replace the cartridge before you need to. I just keep using it with the same cartridge until the output starts to fade, and then put the new one in.

    Check which driver you are using by clicking the Info button on the printer's queue window. If it's not Epson's own driver, take a look on Epson's support page. I just searched their drivers page for "Stylus C80" and found they have Mac OS X driver support through Tiger (10.4.x). If you download install the appropriate driver from Epson, you may get those additional functions back.
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    Hi Ken,
    Well, thanks for your hints and ideas but I have decided the best way to deal with this now is to alias the Epson Utilities and place it in the Dock so that I can open it up anytime. I was hopeing to be able to put the EU in the Print menu like the Preview, Fax, etc. but this would be difficult and to just keep a copy in the Dock at least makes it accessable.

    Thanks Again,