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I have a 2nd Gen shuffle (Red) and it was about 8 months old when it died. The on/off switch stopped working. Apple replaced it under warranty. I plugged in #1 replacement and sync'd it and it charged in about 20 minutes. I used it and resync'd it after about 4 hours of play to put some new music on it. It stopped working during the resync. No lights, no nothing. Apple replaced it. #2 sync'd fine and again showed it was fully charged after 20 minutes. I used it and it died after about 1:20. It wouldn't charge, it wouldn't show up on iTunes, nothing. Apple replaced it again. #3 sync'd and again showed it was fully charged in 20 minutes. I used it and after 1:30 of playing I resync'd it to put some new music on it. Once in the charger, the red light came on. I ejected it from iTunes and turned it on and no light. It still plays. I plugged it back in and restored it, and resync'd it. Same problem. After about 5 minutes, the red light went out. I ejected it and it still plays but the light next to the power switch only lights red. The light on the other side works as it is supposed to when playing but obviously I can see it when it is charging.
I have reinstalled iTunes. I have an iPod Nano that works and charges fine. When I went to the Genius bar, I took my laptop, the charger, and the iPod. They checked the charger and said it is fine. Also, the charger works with my wife's iPod and laptop. According the Apple dude, it isn't a diagnosable problem. They just replace it. Anybody have any ideas. I'm tired of going to the Apple store to talk to someone at the genius bar.

2nd gen iGB Shuffle, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I'm not sure if you were already told this but you should try plugging it in letting it charge (maybe) for a bit then clicking restore, to restore it to factory settings then retry putting your music back on.

    For more information please email me.
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    I live at the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store. I have had my 2 Ipod shuffles replaced so many times, I've lost track. Typically, they work for awhile, then I
    get a blinking red light, then they die. I bought a charger, which works for awhile but then, inevitably, they die.

    The Genius Store response? When they die, bring'um back! We'll keep replacing them.

    I can't begin to describe the incredible frustration I feel with this product.
    I want to switch to another MP3 player, but I've invested a lot of dough in Itunes.

    As I write this, I'm looking at my shuffle, forlornly sitting in its dock, connected to my wall charger, no lights at all.