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I got my iPhone two weeks ago by waiting in line for 3hours at an apple store. I was very excited to get it. I'm no longer excited, because my iPhone was put to restore mode four times already, because of the random disconnects during sync. Trying to sync is always a nightmare because itunes tries to remove my apps.. I even tried using Airplane mode but still disconnects from time to time.. The latest crash happened during the update to 2.01 software, in the middle it just disconnected for no reason (Used USB 2.0 : Don't tell about that). I use Vista, but then I had to use my XP laptop and restored everything. All my purchased music, all the apps that i downloaded GONE... I don't want to connect back to my vista system because it will put me back to bad state. There is no way for me to get all my stuff back from the XP computer, or at least I haven't figured it out. I don't care about the lost purchases, but my contacts are gone too.. That pissses me off... Come on people when you make software, test for bug in all systems. I am very angry. My iPhone is back in the original settings.. Time and money wasted. I will only use vista from now, I have to rebuild my contacts.. Redownload all the apps... Does anyone know how i can get my purchased songs and apps back through another computer ? Why do they make these things so hard, why can't i go in and get what i paid for.. instead i have to report these stuff and wait for response, that is usually a link or copy paste of FAQ. I'm MAD as HELLLL

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iPhone 3G, Windows Vista
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    I too have this issue, but I thought it was just a problem with having 2 iPhones with the same name, so I renamed the older one and my new iPhone (3G) keeps randomly connecting and disconnecting. I have both phones in Airplane mode as well, and have tried Running iTunes as Administrator, a different USB plug/port and the connection issue still persists.

    I have even gone as far as bumping up the priority to AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe and iTunes.exe to "Realtime" to allow it full use of my extensive resources on my PC (3.2GHz, 4GB RAM)

    It appears that every time Vista rescans for a hardware change or a Windows Explorer instance comes up, it will drop and reconnect, but iTunes fails to see it.

    Apple/Steve Jobs, PLEASE find a fix for this soon!!!
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    Switching back and forth from one machine to another will just mess it up more. iPhone will only sync with one media library at a time, even if both computers are authorized on your iTunes account.

    You could connect to your vista machine and restore from a backup, this should restore your contacts and such to the iPhone. I then recommend you sync and merge the contacts with outlook, this will now essentially give you 2 backups of your contacts (one for the iPhone and now they are in outlook).

    Your purchases should all remain and be available to you, you can re-download apps for free, music is still on your computer HDD in the iTunes folder. Make sure your USB connection is secure and check with your computer manufacturer if there are any driver updates for your USB controller. Finally, try using another USB cable, it should not be disconnecting randomly during sync, this indicates either bad ports, bad cable, or buggy USB drivers.
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    I remember seeing something about connecting to the PC directly and not through a USB Hub. I connect through a powered USA Hub and have had not problems sync my IPHONE 3G, IPOD Touch and my 30 GB IPOD CLassic. I am running XP Pro (I think service pack 3 but I am work now and can't check). So you might try connect the phone directly to a USB port on the computer and also just use 1 USB cable. If you are using a USB cable with an extension some interference may be getting into the system.

    Rich Dunklee
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    Hey fusionx,

    Make sure the iPhone is directly connected to the PC as Rich said. This article provides tips for troubleshooting USB connection issues: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1286

    This could also be caused by security software, try reconfiguring or disabling the security software.

    After identifying what is causing the issue on the Vista PC, you should be able to sync again or restore from backup.

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    I have all 3 ingridients and no disasters.
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    the jokes here write themselves
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    Ditto. All is good.
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    Use Windows secret weapon, copy n paste, it confuses the **** out of Apple and you can move your songs to your iPhone

    I'm on Vista, and quite frankly, from Apple posts here already, Windows seem to be working actually better.

    You're probably doing something silly like Vista when it thinks you iPhone is virus or something or not running in admin mode or disabling user blocks ... but mine worked out of the box, one Vista warning and I punched it in the nose, if you did not do that, Vista will block your iPhone and won't bother any more to tell you about it.

    Oh yea, your lost purchases are not lost either, you can have 5 accounts on different computers for iTunes, put in your password and download again, it will say you've bought this already and offer a free DL.
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    Well, I solved my conflict after much troubleshooting.

    It appears that it was a conflict between my Logitech software for my MX Revolution. and my iPhone.

    I think it was a memory usage error or possible something to do with the priority requests from the Logitech USB receiver overriding the iPhone's USB connection.

    I simply knocked all of my mouse setting back to default and everything is working as it should now.

    Weird, right?
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    Very weird, I have the same mouse and it does not cause any issues with my iPhone. What version of the drivers did you have?
  • Dennis Last Level 1 Level 1

    I think it just had to do with the pointer acceleration setting causing a transmission overflow with the USB bus.

    All is well now.
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    Well, it appears that my problems has come back. It loses connection every couple of minutes...

    I haven't changed anything at all, so this is really starting to bug me.

    I may just take it in to Apple...