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Ken_Edgar Level 1 (30 points)
I want to copy some scripts to a specific directory on all the Macs in my enterprise with ARD. The problem I have is how to do this the best way without having to schedule the job to repeat which will re-copy the files to the whole list of computers again.

Is there a way that when one computer successfully gets the files, it will be removed from the scheduled task list in ARD... so the next time the task runs, will only run on the machines that don't have it? This would also then show me which computers are not getting the files.

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  • J D Knight III Level 4 (3,415 points)
    I suggest making the task and saving it for all systems. If you are using ARD 3 you can click on the task history and see which ones have failed. Then make a new task to cover those left out. I don't know of any way to automate the failed systems.
  • Ken_Edgar Level 1 (30 points)
    That's what I'm ending up doing... it becomes quite a daunting manual task though when you are working with 300+ clients
  • Joel D. Reid Level 3 (815 points)
    I've occasionally made it at a point to have utterly complete computer lists. I'd then duplicate lists to a consolidated list named "needs X" and remove machines as they succeed, but I really have to watch my step for mistakes. We were also using a non-ard, home-grown, "auto update on boot" shell script, but it was never updated for 10.5.

    This is probably the least-cool thing I've posted in a technical forum but right now I both recommend, and am utterly reliant upon, my current "deployed software version control system," the humble pen and paper checklist.