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I have found that the Inbox on the iPhone sorts mails by date having newest at the top, but if I have other mailboxes they sort oldest at the top. It's really annoying to have to scroll to the bottom to see the newest message. And some mailboxes have too many messages (over the 200 you could see on the first screen) that you can't even scroll to the newest one with loading new messages one or more times.

Is there any way to have the mailboxes sort by date or another way to help out this problem.

iPhone 3G, 16GB, 2.0.1, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Wait, let me update that question.

    When the other mailboxes load, they load from oldest first. So if you've got tons of messages in the mailbox, you'll only see the oldest messages. Though they do seem to list the most recent of those old messages at the top.

    So I want to find a way to load the newest messages first. Anyone...?
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    YES YES I am having the same problem. It is driving me CRAZY!!
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    I tried Erasing and Restoring my phone, that did not help-
    It seems that my phone pulls the oldest emails first rather than the newest-

    Still searching for an answer.
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    This problem just started with V2 software for me-
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    In my iPhone 3G I have three mailboxes imported from my computer with the first sync and each of them is sorted with newest messages first.

    Perhaps you had the other mailboxes in your computer sorted with oldest messages first and they have been imported in your iPhone as sorted in your computer. Otherwise, there is something wrong in you iPhone software.

    Of course, it would be better if Apple with the next iPhone software update gave the user the option to change message sorting in Mail. Another wished feature is one inbox for all mail accounts, as there is in Mail for the Mac.

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    No mailboxes or messages are imported from your computer via the sync process.

    With a POP account, messages recieved and that are available at the incoming mail server for the account will be downloaded with the most recent at the top.

    Messages sent with a POP account will also have the most recent sent message at the top.

    The same should apply with an IMAP account with all server stored mailboxes.
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    I was having the same trouble. I don't have an answer, but I do have a workaround. Here goes:

    - Access your email account from a computer (i.e. not iPhone). Either web-based (e.g. MobileMe) or imap-software (e.g. mail.app on a mac) should work.
    - Choose one of your mailbox folders and sort the emails by date with the newest first
    - Create a new mailbox folder and call it "temp" (or anything really)
    - Move (drag) all the emails from an existing mailbox folder to the new "temp" folder
    - Give the program a minute or two to make sure all the imap info is updated
    - Check that the mails in the new "temp" folder are still sorted by date with the newest first, re-sort if not.
    - Move (drag) all the emails back from the "temp" mailbox folder to original folder

    On the PC/mac it won't look any different than when you started, but when you now check that folder on your iphone, it will say "downloading messages" and then you should find that all the emails are in date order with the newest first.

    Note that if you only have your phone set to display 50 messages, you only need to move the most recent 50 messages to the "temp" folder and back.

    This process needs to be repeated for all the email folders you have. However, it only needs doing once, since any mails you move after this will automatically be added to the top of the iphone mailbox (and presumably they are new mails you have received).

    Worked like a treat for me...
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    thanks for the advice, but it did not work on my yahoo account-

    still looking for an answer-
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    the way I ended up working around this was to create smaller dated Mailboxes within mailboxes. so say I have one mailbox that is "Business" I then created a mailbox within it called "2007" (or some denomination of the sort) and put those messages from 2007 in there which hopefully was less than the 200 messages that I have displayed at a time on the iPhone. It took some time to add those to all the different mailboxes, but in the end it has been working.