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My Ipod (which is about 8 months old) worked fine, until about two days ago when battery ran flat whilst out, as soon as i tried to charge it the orange light flashed three times, then nothing. It hasn't been detected at all on windows or Itunes. I've been reading through the forums and people with the same problems as me have said it is because of water damage, I haven't used my ipod in the rain and i don't go running, so any ideas?

Windows XP
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    i have the same problem.
    but i cant find where to make a thread:p
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    My ipod did the same thing I went to Radio Shack and got a charger tip for my ipod and plugged it into the car charger of my igo charger from there. We use it to charge our cell phones in the car. It charged up and I can play it it now but when I hook it up to the charging dock it only blinks orange 3 times and wont recognize it on my computer. I am thinking it is the charging dock station and now I am trying to find a new one.
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    I am having the same problem. I was mowing the lawn when it stopped playing, then I pressed play again and it worked for about a minute, then stopped again. I suspect the battery went dead, I can't remember exactly when I charged it last. I came in and tried to charge it, but my computer and iTunes don't recognize it. I tried all the help stuff, and it didn't work. After about an hour of messing with the software and the USB ports, the red light came on and flickered, then stayed on. I then put my headphones back into it and it played! The red light stayed on for about 5 more minutes and then went off and I had no light, but it still played music. I used it for about half an hour longer and decided to try charging it again, but when I plug it in I still can't see it in my computer or iTunes. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    I also have a shuffle, less than a year old, that completely stopped working 2 days ago. I figured the battery died, so I plugged it into my computer and nothing. I can't get any lights to work, the computer doesn't detect it. It's like a ghost. I have another ipod that works fine in the same usb jack, so I know that's not it. Any suggestions on what to do to get it running again?
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    I had my iPod Shuffle for about a month and the same thing happened. The orange light comes on for a few seconds but the iTunes doesn't show it, then the light goes off.
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    Mine too, must admit was caught in heavy shower whilst cycling. Getting orange and green intermittent flashes when turn off then back on, but can not get the ipod to display on iTunes - any ideas? I suspect it may prove cheaper to replace rather than try and fix?
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    Same issue, with perhaps some additional twists. Occasionally my computer will recognize the shuffle for a few seconds, then it drops. I was able to run ipod reset utility, but that did not help.
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    the same here. Blinking orange 4 times and nothing else...
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    Any answers to this? My iPod shuffle is as the first one. I don't go running with it so there is no salt based liquid conflict. It was working fine but one day it died from low battery charge, I imagine, so I went to charge it as typical but all it did was blink 3 times then stopped. I also had another time where it looked like it was gunna charge but the light was orange, then it stopped again in about 10 seconds. Neither times was it recognized by iTunes.

    Should I attempt the rinse process anyways? When I go to play it I hear a sound for when I turn it on, yet not sound. Could it be the charger unit? Or has my iPod reached it's life limit (about 1.5yrs). Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I had the same problem. My shuffle did not work for weeks. Bought a new USB connector and no difference. I tried the r5 steps to no avail. Came across this discussion and read about the rinse process. I was not real comfortable opening my Ipod and rinsing it with water. But the sweat infiltration made sense.

    I opted for a can of air. I put in the straw and put that into the charger/earphones hole. I blew the air for about 30 seconds with the straw in the hole. Took it out and sprayed into the hole for another 30 seconds. Connected to my old USB cable and it recognized it right away. It recognized there was an update available, and I updated it. It is charging and playing music as I type. I will update if I run into other issues.
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    My iPod shuffle quick working and I thought it was just a dead battery. However, it won't charge or connect to iTunes on my PC. No blinking lights, nothing, so I took a hammer and smashed it!! No, just kidding.

    Anybody know how to salvage it?

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    sort of the same problem here: recently I had some difficulties with my iBook G4 which were solved by resetting the PMU. My iPod Shuffle (first generation, 3 years old) is not detected by neither iTunes nor Finder. As it is still working fine (for the time left) I think it should be reset, but how to do that if it is not recognised... Any suggestions welcome.

    Kind regards,
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    My ipod is doing the same thing this is the second one that has done this. I just bought this one in July, very fustrated. any hellp would be great.
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    Just reset it press menu and the center buttons at the same time until the apple appears. Make sure your ipod is not connected to the computer when you do this. I hope that would help..
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