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pajamac Level 1 Level 1
I bought my iphone 3g in Denmark (where I live currently), but I am using my US itunes account for syncing etc. Should I register the phone? If so, to which country? I want to be able to retain my US itunes acct synced to my Danish-bought phone. Will registering cause an issue with that?

3g 16gb black
  • shuga_mac Level 1 Level 1
    I believe if you register it where you currently live, then move to the usa you will incur the out of country charges. You will have to use a month to month account where you live then change your plan when you return to the US. It is easy to reset your phone then restore you phone book and such. Don't take that for granted though, that's just what I assume.
  • pajamac Level 1 Level 1
    Probably I will just not register and avoid the issue all together. Is there some great advantage to registering, anyway? I'm not worried about the phone plan.. I mainly want to keep my US itunes acct. synced to this phone.