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  • jeannie carruth Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problkem,lighting struck my other computer,does this mean ive lost my music
  • maureen donnelly Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks that worked
  • David Bishop3 Level 1 Level 1
    I just reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp. I have all my songs and playlists on my mini ipod. But i can't access any of my songs through the library or the purchased music folder. Even though i have linked my ipod to my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

  • randolph mowry Level 1 Level 1
    I bought a new PC with windows xp. I transferred my itunes library from the old computer to an external hard drive by using the "Consolidate Library" function, which is supposed to keep the playlists and playcounts, etc. I downloaded itunes to the new pc. I changed the location of the library under "Preferences" to my external drive. next I used the "Add Folder to Library" to bring the songs into the library. That worked EXCEPT it did not carry over my playlists and play counts. i am going to have to set up all the playlists again. Is there any way to bring the playlists over?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6

    See this Article for some background information: What are the iTunes Library files? It is important to note that there is a new naming convention for the iTunes .ITL database file when moving from version 4.8 to 4.9.

    Most likely, you did not move the .ITL file from the old PC to the new one. If you still have access to the old PC, grab a copy of the .ITL file and replace the current one on the new PC (best to either move the new ITL or make a backup - just in case).

    Also make sure that the ExHD is the same drive letter on the new PC as it was when you did the 'Consolidate Library' on the old PC.

    The ITL file contains all the data about the music, including locations, playcounts, ratings, playlists, etc.

    Try that, and post back with questions, results or comments.
  • randolph mowry Level 1 Level 1
    Buegie --

    Thanks for your information. I copied the .ITL and the .XML files from my old computer, and relaced the ones on the new computer. it worked perfectly. all my playlists are just as they were. Thanks for your help.
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6
    Glad it worked for you.

    FYI - The XML file, while created by iTunes, is not used by the program when starting up. One can, if needed, extract
    i some
    of your Library information from it by importing it into iTunes if the ITL file is corrupted, unusable or missing.
  • randolph mowry Level 1 Level 1
    I read the info from the link you gave in your original email, so I figured the .XML file was not required, but I thought it was best to go on a use it, just in case. Anyway, everything is workiing as it should ... for now.

    Thanks again.
  • Herb Shoveller Level 1 Level 1
    I recently downloaded a new version of iTunes. In the process, the new version came up with an empty library and there is a file called Previous iTunes Libraries that I can't link to the new iTunes. How can I reconnect my library. This is surely an iTunes problem or flaw where, when you download a new version, it doesn't consolidate the libraries.
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6

    This may help.

    b Recover your ‘Lost’ Library from an Upgrade of iTunes

    First, make sure that iTunes is correctly looking in the right Folder for your song files.
    --- Be certain that you know the current location of your music files (best to confirm this)
    --- In iTunes choose: Edit==>Preferences==>Advanced tab
    --- Select 'Change' and browse to the music folder in your PC drive (if it isn’t already)
    --- Click OK to save that setting
    --- If a dialog box pops up asking if you want iTunes to rename the files, click "yes"

    If this simple process above did not re-orient iTunes, then proceed on to the following:

    See this Article for some background information: What are the iTunes Library files? It is important to note that there is a new naming convention for the iTunes .ITL database file when moving from version 4.8 to 4.9.

    While I do not know why some folks lose their Library while upgrading, these steps below seem to get it back for many of them.
    -- Shut down iTunes
    -- Make a copy of your current ‘iTunes Library.itl’ file (usually located in the ‘iTunes’ folder) and rename it to something different
    -- Find the previous 4.8 version of the ‘iTunes 4 Music Library.itl’ Library file (in the folder specified by the link above)
    -- Make a copy of the previous iTunes ‘iTunes 4 Music Library.itl’ file and rename it to ‘iTunes Library.itl’
    -- Copy and paste the newly renamed 4.8 .ITL file where the current 4.9 ‘iTunes Library.itl’ (now renamed) file was in the ‘iTunes’ folder
    -- Start iTunes

    If you are lucky, the old Library file will have all your original music data in it (playlists, ratings, counts, etc.). It will not have any music information you created/changed after upgrading to 4.9 (if you did any changing).
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    First time user of this discussion board... w/multiple problems. Note: I re-posted this from the "Installation/Upgrades" forum, as it received no response - assuming that was an incorrect placement of this type of problem. Then I posted as a new topic, then I saw this exchange.

    However, the above suggestions did not work for me since the files no longer have the original songs in them.

    I imported a playlist of songs from my daughter's library (sep pc), to my ipod. This wiped out all my songs from my ipod leaving only that one playlist of songs.
    When adding those songs to my library,(from a CD I burned)I was asked to update IT to 4.9. My entire IT library was lost.(can not locate file... with(!) preceding ea. song.
    I read numerous threads re:this topic & have been "working on this since 8/22 attempting many of the suggested instructions, to no avail.
    I decided to "bite the bullet" and re-buy my purch'd music and re-DL my songs from my CDs. However, having chg'd some settings, (eg edit>options>advanced tab...), I decided to start from scratch & un-install IT & QT, and re-install to get back orig sett'gs & hoping to have a "blank library to start over. This of course did not happen.

    Should I delete everything from my library first?? ...and how do I do that??

    Also, the files referred to in threads relating to this, eg .xml & .itl files, only include the songs in the playlist imported from my daughter's PC. I can not retrieve anything from the file of "previous library".

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6

    First the obvious (need to ask). Is your iTunes Library gone or are all the music files gone as well? Have you looked on the PC in the '...\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music' folder for the Artist/Album folders and the song files?

    Perhaps you may
    i still
    have the music files on your PC -- but not seen in iTunes.

    Check using Windows Explorer in 'My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\...' for folders containing your music (or wherever you keep your music folders). If it is there, we can get iTunes to recognize it. Try one or both of these:

    --- In iTunes choose: Edit==>Preferences==>Advanced tab. Select 'Change' and browse to the music folder in your PC drive (if it isn’t already). Click OK to save that setting.

    --- In iTunes choose: File==>’Add Folder to Library’ & browse to the music folder in your PC drive. Click OK.

    Also check in your Recycle Bin to see if you accidentally deleted it. If so, ‘Restore’ it back to it’s original spot.

    Then try running a search using Windows Explorer (or similar) for files with the extensions of: m4a, m4p, MP3,
    i OR
    with the partial names of the songs you are missing.

    Do all the above before you decide that they have been completely erased from your hard drive.

    Then post back with results and observations.
  • kat2 Level 1 Level 1
    First of all, THANK YOU sooooo much for responding!! I was really beginning to loose all hope!!

    I have tried these before, but just for posterity, I tried again - unfortunately, to no avail!! ...but note these:

    1- Edit>pref>Adv>Chg, browse: I have numerous locations of "My Music\ITunes\ITunes Music". They are located on

    On Desktop(in "My Docs" folder)
    In My Computer>Local Disc (C:)>Doc&Settg>KathleenSmith>MyDocs
    In My Computer>Kathy'sDoc's>MyMusic

    But all these locations only have the few songs I DL from my daughter's PC, which started this mess!!

    2-In ITunes>File>'Add Folder...">Browse, I got a window asking, "Would you like to move & rename the files in your new ITunes Music folder to match the "Keep ITunes Music folder organized" preference?" I ans "No".
    This was suggested in a previous thread, should I change that preference?

    3-In the "copying files" window only those same few songs DL from my daughter's PC were listing.

    4-None of the searches in Wind Exp found any applicable files.

    I'm thinking they're all gone, but the names are still showing in my library, though when I click on it, the appears and says the "orig file can not be found".

    Also, while following a previous thread which also directed me to look in the recycle bin, I found a "Library" file (.XML) & restored it. It had .XML 320 kb & is now located in: MyComp\LocalDiscC:\Doc&Settg\KathleenSmith\MyDocs\MyMusic\ITunes.
    Also in there is another .XML file (302kb) with the same icon. (double underlined globe w/"" around it), but now the restored one only has 316 kb and I've "lost" four of my original songs off the library list.

    The last thing I would like you to "look at" for me are the checked and unchecked preferences in Edit>Pref. (I'm not sure any more which one's were changed following other threads, and I would like to know how they SHOULD be set.

    On the "Importing" tab, "Create file names w/track #'s" is unchecked.
    On the "Sharing" tab, nothing is checked.
    On the "Advanced" tab,
    -folder location is C:Docs&Set'gs\KathleenSmith\MyDocs\MyMusic\ITunes\ITunesMusic
    -Keep ITunes Music folder organized is checked
    -Copy files to ITunes Music folder w/add'g to library is
    -Show ITunes icon in system tray is checked

    I know this is ALOT of info, and I'm sure some of it may not be pertinent, (or even decipherable), but I know so little about this, and am at such a loss, that too much info seems better than too little.

    Again, I'm willing to put in the time and work of re-DL all my songs and re-purchasing from the store. The problem is, how do I clear the library list and ensure the files & folders are in their form??

    THANKS SOOOOO much for tackling this with me!!! You're a DOLL!!!
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6
    Hi Kat,

    Looks like you did all the correct searching on your PC to find the songs. Unfortunately, they appear to be vapor (gone) at this time You will need to re-import your CDs and re-purchase your iTMS songs. Although....there have been some folks who have pleaded their case to the iTMS and were allowed to download the songs one additional time (best to promise never to neglect backups ever again).

    You appear to be using a Library file (that's the .ITL file) that still thinks the songs exist, but when accessing them, finds them missing (hence the '!'). It's time to clean up the Library and start over...

    Here is one way to go:
    -- Delete all the song references in iTunes except for the songs that work (eg. those of your daughter)

    -- If you get any dialog box asking you to send the files to the Recycle Bin, select 'Keep Files' - all you want to do in get rid of the iTunes references - not any real song files

    -- After the Library has only the songs that work (and/or you want to keep), you can start to re-import the songs back into iTunes and rebuild the library and music data

    All your settings look fine, although I have "Create file names w/track #'s" checked. This is purely a personal decision, and either one is fine.

    For the "Would you like to move & rename the files in your new iTunes Music folder to match the "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" preference?" I would suggest you change that to 'yes'.

    With the cleanup, you'll have a minimum Library (your daughter's songs) and can go from there. As I indicated, look at the iTMS website and send them a nice email asking for some help and kindness. All they can say is yes or no, so it can't hurt to try. It has worked in the past, but only once for any one individual.

    A last shot would be this link to recover erased songs from the iPod: Buegie, "Help Everything os GONE!!!" #1, 09:31pm Aug 18, 2005 CDT
    The recovery theory works for any hard drive as long as you have not overwritten the files much. It may be worth a shot for both the iPod and your PC. Google is your friend here...

    Also start a backup strategy. See here for a leg up: Buegie, "System restore" #1, 08:35pm Aug 18, 2005 CDT

    Post back with any questions if I was unclear, cryptic or confusing. Especially before you try anything else you may be unsure of. Better safe than sorry.