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I have an ipod touch running the latest software (2.0.1). My ipod freezes all the time but the odd thing is- it seems to be the touch sensitive screen itself that become unresponsive. My ipod randomly won't respond to my touch at all. However, the hold button locks the ipod with no problems, and double tapping the home button brings up the play, volume and skip buttons instantly. It most frequently occurs right when I try to unlock my ipod. "Slide here to unlock" will be flashing but when I touch the screen, either it doesn't respond or sometimes even stops flashing the second I touch it as if my touching the screen is causing it the freeze.

Rebooting does not help at all, resetting the settings and restoring the ipod completely can sometimes fix the problem briefly. I'm having a hard time even figuring out whether its a hardware or a software problem.

Any help would be great!
Thanks so much

Dell 600m, Windows XP Pro, 8gig Ipod Touch, running 2.0.1
Solved by AndyT4097 on Aug 10, 2008 10:04 AM Solved
I would bring it back to my local Apple store and get it replaced.
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    I would bring it back to my local Apple store and get it replaced.
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    Did you take your iPod Touch back to the store? I am having the same exact problem with mine as well. All works fine and then the touch screen will freeze but the buttons will work. A reset only fixes the issue for a very short time and I have done a couple complete resets of the device.

    I may have narrowed the issue down some though. The iPod seems to work until email, calendar, or contact syncing is setup either through iTunes or directly on the Touch itself. It is not any of my apps I've gotten through the store because I tested it out with all my apps loaded and it worked great until I tried to sync email, calendar, and contacts. I even tried syncing just Calendar alone to see if it was one of the other two and the screen started to freeze after syncing the calendar two different methods. The only way to get it back to working correctly that I have found so far is to completely reset and wipe the device and set it up from scratch again. Deleting the data and the sync settings do not work.

    Were you able to get some sort of resolution for this yet? I got my Touch as soon as the App Store was released so I could ditch my old Palm and still have my Contacts, Calendar, and the couple key apps I needed. A hard reset from scratch is definitely not a good solution for this. I started experiencing this problem before the recent v2.0.1 upgrade came out and was hoping the update would fix it but it did not. This is frustrating.
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    I haven't resolved the problem yet. I haven't gotten a chance to go to the Apple store. I actually re-posted my question because I found that it was turning on my wifi which seemed to be causing my ipod to freeze. The majority of the time my ipod will be working fine but the second I turn on wifi it starts going freezing which prevents me from using the internet on my ipod. It's almost as if it freezes when it tries to sync my mail or something. Why the buttons still work confuses me. I just now did a restore from scratch- I'll see if that helps. Doing it from scratch is a pain though. I, like you, was really hoping that the 2.0.1 update would fix the problem. Now it seems like a software problem to me. I'd rather that, then my screen itself random failing to work. I can't imagine that this problem is really rare though. There must be some solution. Post if you go to an apple store, and I'll do the same. I bought mine right when the touch first came out so my warranty runs out soon if I don't buy applecare.
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    I'm having the exact same problem with my first gen touch. It started happening right before I installed the 2.1 update, but after that and several reformats it still locks up. In the months before 2.1, the screen locked up on rare occasions, but was nothing a hard reboot couldn't fix.

    Now soon after I turn on wireless, the screen locks up or the home screen icons go into rearrange mode if I can get the slider to work. After waiting several minutes, the touch screen will work long enough for me to disable wireless and things then go back to normal. I can get by without internet, but I don't like having to choose between not being able to check weather and mail and having a $400 paperweight.

    I bought my touch at Best Buy 10 1/2 months ago with an extended warranty and I'm wondering if I should scrub it and take it back.
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    I have started having a similar issue with my Ipod Touch 1st gen. When I press the home button I am able to slide to unlock. Immediately after unlocking I can't press anything on the screen for a short while. After trying for a minute to press on a application I am able to open it. Once in again the Ipod screen does not seem to respond to anything I try to select for a short period. The response of the screen is on and off randomly.

    I have tried a restore a couple of times and the issue is still there with a completely fresh copy of the 2.1 firmware.

    If anyone out there has found a solution I would love to hear it.