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Joshua Vereen Level 1 Level 1
ok so I just reformatted my brother I-book G4 and started with a clean slate, 10.3.9 OSX I am trying to connect the airport extreme that is in the computer to the linksys network I have set up. I have a Imac with an intel processor and a powerbook g4 titainium the Imac is using the internal wireless that it came with and the powerbook is using a linksys wireless card through the slot on the side.

I am using WPA2 personal on the network and both of these computers connect just fine through the password. the I book will not allow me to even bring up WPA2 personal as an option. it recognizes the network and I can click it but will not except the password because the only option is WEP of different types. how do I get around this and get it on the network?

I bought a external USB wireless card for it but it wont even recognize that either.

also the computer will not boot up with the airport card taken out of the computer which I found very odd. what is up with that?

powerbook g4 titanium 667mhz 1mb l3 cache
  • Joshua Vereen Level 1 Level 1
    I just switched to WPA personal and it workes but still I wanted to use WPA2 Personal... I am very disapointed with the airport extreme card in this computer too it does not pick up a strong signal with the network even when its right by the router!!! with my powerbook and a wireless linksys card I can walk down the street and pick the signal up.
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    Unfortunately, with the variety of iBook G4s you'll need to be specific in which one you have. There are some with known issues and vary quite a bit in their wireless ability. Processor and screen size are important.

    For example, there is a HUGE difference between the G4 1.33ghz 12" and the G4 1.33ghz 14". The 12" is newer and the airport is built in with bluetooth and has problems. Knock on wood for the 14", I have one that has been virtually problem free.
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    Copied from apple's support:

    To set up a WPA2 Personal network:

    1. Open AirPort Utility, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder on a Mac, and in Start > All Programs > AirPort on a computer using Windows.
    2. Select your base station, and then choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu. Enter the base station password if necessary.
    3. Click AirPort in the toolbar, and then click Wireless.
    4. Choose WPA/WPA2 Personal from the Wireless Security pop-up menu if you want computers compatible with WPA and WPA2 to join your network. Choose WPA2 Personal if you want only computers compatible with WPA2 to join your network.
    5. Enter an ASCII password of 8 to 63 ASCII characters.
  • John Huber1 Level 6 Level 6

    If you're not getting a strong signal the antenna probably isn't inserted all the way. This article illustrates a properly attached antenna.

  • Joshua Vereen Level 1 Level 1
    John! thank you so much. I always thought that the connection was not in all the way but it never would snap in... so I took the card out of the computer and worked it until it snapped in the proper way via the link you sent me.

    I am very very happy with this now. full bars all the way! and now that the connection is good it connects to WPA2 personal. the computer it self will not list WPA2 personal but if you just select WPA it still connects to it, so go figure.

    btw it is a Ibook G4 800mhz powerpc G4
  • John Huber1 Level 6 Level 6
    You're welcome.

    Glad I could help.