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Joshua Vereen Level 1 (5 points)
ok so I just reformatted my brother I-book G4 and started with a clean slate, 10.3.9 OSX I am trying to connect the airport extreme that is in the computer to the linksys network I have set up. I have a Imac with an intel processor and a powerbook g4 titainium the Imac is using the internal wireless that it came with and the powerbook is using a linksys wireless card through the slot on the side.

I am using WPA2 personal on the network and both of these computers connect just fine through the password. the I book will not allow me to even bring up WPA2 personal as an option. it recognizes the network and I can click it but will not except the password because the only option is WEP of different types. how do I get around this and get it on the network?

I bought a external USB wireless card for it but it wont even recognize that either.

also the computer will not boot up with the airport card taken out of the computer which I found very odd. what is up with that?

powerbook g4 titanium 667mhz 1mb l3 cache