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Many times I want to listen to a podcast (low bandwidth, not music) through my Bluetooth earpiece, instead of using a wired headset. Is there any way to do this? So far all I find I can do is phone over BT.

HP, Windows Vista
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    No. Bluetoth is limited to only the phone audio.
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    Actually ver 1.1 had the ability "bug" to send all audio out via the bluetooth connection to whatever bluetooth device you could pair to, the only thing was that you would also hear the audio comming from the iphone speakers.
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    Ver. 2.0 ruined that to the point were even voicemail was disabled.

    2.01 fixed the voicemail issue but didnt adress the other audio sources. It looks as though Apple has decided to remove the bluetooth poscast transmition capability either due to inept programmers, being sued for bluetooth patent infringement or some contractual obligation with third party bluetooth dongle vendors which do send podcast audio out via separate bluetooth device you have to buy.
    I realy hope I'm wrong about the other reasons and its just ineptitude on the programmers part
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