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I have a 2005 Mac Mini PPC OS 10.4.11. This is the first problem I've had since purchasing the computer. This problem popped up out of nowhere. The screen goes black during startup just after I login into my account. I can hear the hard drive spin like it is finishing the startup process. The monitor power button blinks green.

I'm using the digital video cable. I tried switching to the VGA cable but the screen then goes black before the login screen.

The computer will startup in Safe mode.

I've tried Disk Utility (repair disk and repair permissions), Techtool Pro, Drive Genius, ColorSync Utility, Reset Pram, installed latest OS updates, and even re-installed the System twice (once because I removed all the Extension files and then the computer would not startup at all).

I've also tried removing cache files, plist files, startup files, preference files, and some or all of extension files.

The only applications I have recently installed were QuickTime Pro and a .flv movie player; both about a week before this problem started. I tried to uninstall them but could not figure out how.

What is the problem? How can this be fixed?


Mac Mini PPC, Mac OS X (10.4.11), ViewSonic VX922 Monitor