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My phone works perfectly fine except when I go to listen to my voicemail the screen goes blank. Regardless of if I am on speaker phone or not, the screen will go blank and nothing I can do will bring the call back up. I have to lock the phone, then press the home button to get the screen back. Sometimes if I lightly tap the phone it comes on for a brief second then goes back to blank.

I have noticed that when I am on a phone call and the screen is supposed to go blank, it fades discretely to a blank screen then comes back when I take the phone off my ear. When the screen goes blank on the voicemail screen it shuts off like someone is pulling the plug on it - its very weird.

My first 3G iPhone had a similiar problem with all calls I dialed or received. That phone was exchanged for a new one eventually as the Fido rep could not fix the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have restored the phone, got the latest software, reset it etc...

iPhone 3g
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    Your problem is mentioned in this forum. It's is due to the proximity sensor. It's not defective, it's just that your screen protector is blocking the sensor in the voice mail. Because Apple did not design it well enough, they should turn off the proximity sensor in the voice mail menu then turns on when user select to play the mail.

    I had this problem before by using the Griffin Wave case screen protector on top. After calling their tech support, they are willing to ship me a static adhesive film which can solve the proximity sensor problem.
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    Thanks! This is exactly the problem I was having (with a Griffin Wave).

    I took it apart and reseated the screen protecter and it seems to be working fine now.
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    If you have time, call Griffin and report this problem to them. I suggest you should NOT use the screen protector they have provided to you. It not only allows dust to get it, but also have bad rainbow diffraction. Small dust that is harder than the iPhone's glass may actually able to scratch it, so at the end it's not a screen protector but a dust scratch film.

    Call Griffin customer support, they are willing to send you adhesive screen protectors to you for FREE because of their design flaw.
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    Same problem here. Neither the shop "tech" guys nor apple support had a clue. Worked it out myself. And agree with all the comments about the hard (perspex or polycarbonate) cover being usless. Just taps dust underneath.