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My phone works perfectly fine except when I go to listen to my voicemail the screen goes blank. Regardless of if I am on speaker phone or not, the screen will go blank and nothing I can do will bring the call back up. I have to lock the phone, then press the home button to get the screen back. Sometimes if I lightly tap the phone it comes on for a brief second then goes back to blank.

I have noticed that when I am on a phone call and the screen is supposed to go blank, it fades discretely to a blank screen then comes back when I take the phone off my ear. When the screen goes blank on the voicemail screen it shuts off like someone is pulling the plug on it - its very weird.

My first 3G iPhone had a similiar problem with all calls I dialed or received. That phone was exchanged for a new one eventually as the Fido rep could not fix the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have restored the phone, got the latest software, reset it etc...

iPhone 3g