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hi folks.

Problem. My Iphone 3G crashed while adding a new app while attached to itunes. The iphone screen went to the apple symbol as if doing a reset. Since then it just won't fire up. Resetting it again just brings up the apple logo on the screen. Reconnecting to itunes just causes itunes to beach ball (the phone itself double vibrates after about 5 minutes attached to itunes) and then nothing - still on the apple logo.

I've tried connecting it to my mac laptop and when I do that I get a warning saying that the phone is locked and I need to enter my password.... but of course as the screen is on the apple symbol I can't type in my four digit password.

I'm leaving the phone attached to my mac for the rest of the evening in the hope that it finally sorts itself out (but probably all I'm going to achieve is burning the apple logo into the screen......)

Anyone had the same problem. It's a 16Gb Iphone 3G....

Mac Pro 2x3Ghz quad core 16Gb, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 4 750Gb Drives +Raid card
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    Mine did this to me just as I was going to bed. I use my iPhone for an alarm clock, so I basically had to stay up even later and wait for it to do a full restore. This and the constant up/down of my mail in MobileMe are really start to grate on me now, this is not Apple quality.
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    Yeah know that feeling Paul... but it's worse my end as now mine won't even do the restore store - can't get it off of the apple logo at all.

    Left it all day in hope but came back to it still beach balling on itunes. Just not doing anything at all.

    Only option now is to hope that letting the power drain may resolve the issue.... failing that, back to O2 - which I don't fancy either.....

    If any one has suffered this as well and has a solution I would be truly grateful for that solution!
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    ah sorted. Spotted another support question. Needed to press the top button and home button until the screen turns off, but not long enough for the apple symbol to come up. Then holding down the home button connect to itunes, holding down the button until the itunes and connector image comes up on the iphone screen,

    Once this was done the iphone was reset, restored and configured. Thank god for that.

    I note there is a lot of ******** about the iphone, crashes, etc - but don't forget guys it's early days and this little beast is a cut down Apple Mac. Those at the front of the queue always suffer at first.... but when we look back we will be able to say.... "yeah I was one of the first".....
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    that's true
    and people who buy anything first i consider them as BETA testers still!!
    and i am one of them but still with no iPhone yet!!
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    the problem is beta testers usually test for free. we are not beta testers, but paying customers.

    this is the third day in a row where i have had to restore my iphone. this is very upsetting.