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My iPhone keeps dying. The last two times this has happened yesterday and just now, the phone had a nearly full charge. it happened yesterday when i was using voicemail and today while reviewing my gmail. yesterday i did a full restore hoping that would cure whatever ills...

anyway, what happens is the screen goes fully black and the phone will not power on until you plug into a usb port and then it acts like it is waking up from being powered off. has anyone else had this problem? So far i have had my laptop with me to revive it but i am worried about this problem reoccurring when i am not near a computer...

also, i am 4 hours away from an apple store so the genius bar is not an option for me... thanks for the help...

Dell Latitude D620 (ick i know!!!), iPhone 16GB 3G White, Windows Vista
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)
    I have not experienced the same.

    Since you are 4 hours away from an Apple Store, you can call AppleCare instead at (800) 694-7466 to handle what sounds like may involve an exchange under warranty.
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    update. i am returning my iphone while i still can... i will wait until all of the kinks and bugs are worked out before getting another one... i am bummed but i need a reliable cell phone and this phone, at this point, at least is not that...
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    Yes I have a new I phone G-3 16GB my phone went black and nothing would make it turn on again until I plug it into my macbook pros USB port. Then it had to reload back up software, Now it works again. But will it happen again? Just hope when you plug it into USB it will see the phone.
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    I have never had this issue with my iPhone 3G, it sounds like for some reason it is not holding a charge properly. I would recommend calling AppleCare and explaining the issue to them, they may offer to arrange for service or replace your phone through the mail-in service.