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My pop account with Comcast does not work. I have another POP account that works perfectly.
Does anyone have the correct Comcast settings for a 3G I phone. I have tried most settings they suggest, but cannot find 3G settings for comcast. The Comcast POP account works perfect on my MacBook Pro, but those settings do not work on I Phone

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    I don't believe there are different or special settings required for accessing a Comcast email account with the iPhone 3G, with the first generation iPhone, or with an iPod Touch. And this should be the same with any email account.

    Did you manually create the account on your iPhone, or did you transfer the account settings from your Mac to your iPhone via the iTunes sync process?
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    I'm having the same problem as Allan. Just picked up an iPhone 3G.

    Upon initial installation and first sync the iPhone would receive/send emails (was on local Comcast WiFi network). When I left house and went to Edge network the iPhone could never connect. I've adjusted the account settings through all sorts of variations with zero success.

    The only way I have found to get email to work is to Restore the iPhone.

    I've done this 3 different times using Edge, my Comcast WiFi, and friends Comcast WiFi. Always the same result, initial success that soon goes to eternally trying to connect. I found some numererous discussions of similiar problems in Fall of 2007. Had hoped these issues had gotten resolved. One thread has discussed adding :PortNumber on smtp server. This has not been successful for me.

    It appears that the iPhone is adjusting settings. I've not found a tool/technique to troubleshoot the email commands (i.e. Connection Doctor in mail). There's an application for somebody to develop, I'd throw $10 into that hat. I've spent far more than that in time troubleshooting the issue.

    Unfortunately this is a show stopper for me, if I can't get the Comcast email to work the iPhone goes back to AT&T. Any and all threads/Tips appreciated.

    Dennis Jackson
    Augusta, Ga.
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    Found this discussion that solved the problem (at least via Edge and my Comcast WiFi). See response by Nathan that links to Apple response.


    Of to local coffee house for Bagel and trying from there.
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    Do you have any other email account such as a Gmail account that you also access with the iPhone's Mail client?

    If so, any problems accessing that account?

    I'll say this, I wouldn't allow having a problem accessing a Comcast account or any email account provided by an ISP to be a show stopper and I give you a couple of important reasons why.

    First reason, it is a POP account. Although it is possible to access a POP account with more than one email client, a POP account is designed to be accessed with a single email client only. POP account mailboxes cannot be kept synchronized with the server (as with an IMAP account), and you cannot store sent messages on the server. Any messages sent with the iPhone's Mail client will not be available with the email client used on your computer to access the account or anywhere else, and vice-versa.

    2nd reason is most ISPs do not provide/support an authenticated SMTP server. This will prevent you from sending with the account when connected to another wi-fi network with an ISP other than Comcast, and when connected via 3G or EDGE.

    ISP email accounts are very limited - from being a POP account, no authenticated SMTP server, and limited server storage space for the account.

    I quit using an email account provided by my ISP since 2001 or so. For the reasons I provided, and due to a number of moves I made between 2000 and 2004 which required having to change my email address due to having to change to a different ISP with each move.

    That being said, do you have the email client on your computer used for accessing your Comcast email account launched and running checking the incoming mail server for new messages at the same time?

    If so, another problem with a POP account which is designed to be accessed with a single email client only as I've already provided. If more than one email client is actively accessing the incoming mail server at the same time or near the same time, the incoming mail server will lock the mailbox preventing access - at least for the email client that is 2nd in line.
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    When you said that you tried "most of the setting they suggest" were you referring to Comcast? They have a page devoted to iphone. I found that when I lost contact after software upgrade, I had to delete the Comcast account and start from scratch.