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I downloaded an audiobook - 36 chapters and on the Itunes audiobooks it lists each book in order 1 thru 36-- however, on my ipod in audiobooks the chapters are out of order, it synced this way on 2 ipods - how do I get them to play in the right order 1 thru 36

VAIO, Windows XP
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    I have the same problem and am looking for an answer too. In iTunes under Audiobooks (not a music genre), all my audiobooks are nicely grouped. However, when I put them on my iPod they get all mixed up. I have gone back to defining them on the iPod as file type: music: genre: audiobook; but I would like to be able to use the features that the audiobook file type offers.
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    I don't know if there are any changes with the new Classic 120Gb, but on earlier models the Audiobooks section is only really effective with single track albums. Under iTunes 7.x I created folders for each author & inside these playlists for each book. While I've used the new feature in iTunes 8.x to set the kind of my mp3 audiobook files as such using folders & playlists seems to be the only way to make multi-track audiobooks playable on the iPod.

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    This is what I did to fix the same thing with the order of podcasts...
    I Can’t take credit for this, someone (riffraff)posted it long ago, but I’ve had to use it each time iTunes updates.
    1. This will erase your play lists and music list. May want to have them saved somewhere to import from later
    2. Close iTunes
    3. I went to music folder then to iTunes and under this directory
    4. I deleted iTunes Library files, library, extras, and genius
    (Actually I just moved them to a new folder on the desktop if things go wrong)
    5. started iTunes.
    6. Got shaken when no songs in the music list
    7. select add folder to library
    8. select your music folder-probably iTunes Music folder
    9. let run
    10. I plugged in my shuffle, copied 5 podcasts to a playlist. Arrange in the order you want. Sync to the iPod. Detach and check. It worked for me.