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I recently just installed a new hard drive on my PowerBook G4, as well as updating to OS X 10.5.4.

My laptop now runs very very hot, and I never hear the fans come on.
In fact, twice my laptop froze (mouse tracking included) and began making screeching noises through the speakers. Forcing quit and restarting seemed to fix everything, but I am assuming the system locked up because it got too hot.

I have searched online and have found programs available like smc fan control etc. However, theyre all for Intel macs...which.. I do not have.

I just ran the Hardware test and nothing came up.

Long story short- I am curious if there is any programs out there that are similar to smc fan control for Powerbooks.

I am running my laptop with a fan blowing on it, and it is keeping it at around 40-50 degrees C, but cant find a solution to adjusting or even KNOWING if my fans are working appropriately.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Mac OS X (10.5.4)